The talk of the party

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Walking down the corridor, I feel like a celebrity. Girls keep gushing and telling me how beautiful I looked at the party and boys kept staring. Since the news of my new relationship came out, more people seem to notice and speak to me. Apart from marcie who still shoots me death stares.
"Hey beautiful" Alec comes up to me and puts his hands on my waist. His head is right beside mine
"Hey" I turn my head and kiss him
"GET A ROOM!!!!!!!" Jason shouts and everyone laughs
Alec took the news about what happened between me and Emi very well. He isn't happy about his friend attacking me but I guess that's normal, least he is locked up
"Oii" Alec shouts letting go of me and fist bumping him laughing
"Hey Freya" Jason says sending me a smile, I return it
I watch them laugh and smile to myself
Alec grabs my hand and we walk to class while him and Jason talk about football, a topic I'm not really interested in, however I wouldn't mind seeing him run up a field, if you get what I mean *wink wink*
I haven't even been here that long and I feel like I have been here for years just like all the others, how does that even work the whole feeling close thing, I mean it's weird to think about it.
Alec pulls m in closer and I take my hand out of his and wrap it around his waist, just like it should be, he smiles
"So Jason what do you think of our wee news?" I ask glancing at him
He smiles "I thought it was so cute, just like Romeo and Juliet" I laugh and Alec shoves him
"What!!!!" He protests "it's a cute story line!!!!" We all laugh, however that was cute to say that, I love Romeo and Juliet.
Being compared to a tragic love story was quite cheesy
"YOU LOVING THE ATTENTION YET????" A girl shouts behind only to be Marcie as its only her voice that is that high
We turn around, she walks up to us with a evil grin like she is planning something. She stops next to Alec and runs her hand up and down his arm
"Alec honey did you tell Freya here about when we got together?" She smirks at me and Alec goes red and runs a hand through his hair, he looked embarrassed, the shock on his face turns from embarrassment to anger.
What him and Marcie!!!!!!! He really went that low and then expects to be with me
"Marcie" he warns with a growl, I step away from his grasp, he turns to me with a shocked expression
"Freya? Baby" he pleads
"Don't baby me, is it true?" I ask out of Anger he nods and I feel like someone has punched me in the chest
"You went that low and expect me to go with you without you telling me this!!!" I point at Marcie who still has her hand on Alec's arm
"Oh we went to that base too if you get what I mean" she winks at me and that makes me even more angry
"It was a long time ago baby it doesn't matter" he pleads
"It doesn't matter? IT DOESN'T MATTER?!!!!!!! MAYBE NOT TO YOU BUT TO ME IT DOES!!!!" I shout
Marcie opens up her mouth " we....."
"Shut your face right now Marcie" I warn "you might not expect what you might get" at first she looks confused then that look turns into a playful one
"Like what?" She raises her eyebrows
"Freya I regret it I swear" he looks at me and tries to grab me, I flinch and take a step backwards
"Don't touch me" I warn
"Freya lets go" Jason says to me grabbing me and pulling me away, however I just hear Marcie say
"You regret it? I recall you screaming my name with energy and you were out of breath" I clench my fists as I walk away with Jason. He leads me outside where the other boys are waiting. They see the look on my face
"What is wrong?" Emi asks walking to me
Jason turns to the group
"She just found out about Alec and Marcies get together"
They all start cursing at once
"Fudge balls"
"I thought he would have told her" Emi says shaking his head
Several hours later

I shove my phone in my pocket for the hundredth time that day. I'm at Emi's house with the rest of the guys apart from Alec. They all agree with me that he should have told me and they aren't on speaking terms right now.
"Nooooooo Simba!!!!!! No why would uncle Scar do that" shouts Jake
"I know poor wee guy!!!" Shouts Jason, me and Emi are laughing our heads off at their reaction. We are watching the Disney movie The Lion King the movie I have loved since I was a child. We are eating cookie dough ice cream, a tub each and a spoon in each hand
"Are you ok?" Emi whispers in my ear
I nod "yeah I'm ok" I whisper back
He grabs my hand and just holds it, I don't let go because I need the comfort now. I look at him and he smiles
I watch the movie until I feel my eyes closing
"WHAT A WONDERFUL....." The boys shout
"AHHHHH" I fall off the couch and the boys are in hysterics, I landed on my butt and it hurt a lot
"Guys!!!!!" I wine "I'm tired!!!!!" I sigh
"Come over here" Jake says, I crawl over to him as I am too tired to stand up, he grabs my hand and pulls me on his lap
"Lean against me and sleep, Jason pass over that blanket" Jason passes over the blanket and Jake wraps it around me. I turn my head towards  jakes rock hard stomach , must be all the work out he does and lean against him. He smells nice and he wraps his arm around me. My eyes are slipping and I feel myself falling into a deep sleep
"She didn't deserve this" someone said and I fall into a deep sleep.
I wake up with someone's arm around me. At first I am confused but then I look up at the sleeping face and see it is Jake. He looks cute when he is asleep, I move slightly and his embrace around me tightens and I smile
" love you...stay" I freeze at what he just said, did he really just say that, I look up and see he is still asleep, is it true what he just said or is it just the sleep talking? Even if he didn't it still means something
"He's....a jerk" he says mumbling, I smile and hug in tighter, which makes him roll to the side so we are lying side by side in an embrace.
"It's true you know" a voice says above me, I look up and see Emi
"What ?" I whisper, he nods to Jake
"He always spoke about how he was going to ask you out, drove us mad. Do you think she will like that? Do you think she will say yes?" I shake my head at the thought and smile
"When Alec asked you out, it crushed him because Alec knew that Jake liked you and he still went ahead with the idea, even stole his idea about the rose petals on the football field" he mumbles shaking his head
"He done that?" I shouted, Emi  put his finger to his lips and pointed to Jake, who moved slightly
"He done that?" I ask again so quietly, he nods
"He was going to take you to dinner and everything but he had to cancel the booking, he was so gutted" he said now leaning against the couch
"You know when I first came here, jake was the first guy out of all of you that I could picture me being together" I sighed at the thought
"So why don't you?" He whispered
"Why don't I what?" I ask
"Go out with him, he will treat you a lot better than Alec , plus I heard Alec got back with Marcie last night" he frowned at my expression
"You know what, why not, why should I sit around mopping for him when he obviously doesn't give a shit" now I am angry, how dare he do that to me and how stupid could I have been to go out with a jerk with him,
I turn towards Jake and he he has one eye open
"How much have you heard?" I ask
He smirks " all of it, plus is it true? You want to give us a shot? I know it is early after you just broke up with someone but I swear I will treat you right" he pleads
I look at Emi and he gives me an approving nod
"Sure why not" I shrug
"Just treat me right and we'll be fine" I smile
And he hugs me tight. I smile against his chest.
Right guys, I haven't been updating for a long while, I have been busy studying, did I tell you it's my last year in school? Yeah so I need to focus on my exams but I promise I will update soon, so please comment and vote. I hope you enjoy the story and I will update soon.

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