chapter 4

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Jacks pov:

After the little 'incident' with the douchebags who I would happily punch in the chode was over people stood around the decorated stage to listen to a wonderful speech given by a transgender girl who was saying really motivational words to everyone in the lgbtaq+ community as people cheered.

Ugh, I wish I wasn't short as all balls right now, than I might actually get to see the fucking speech instead of dreading that the tallest guy FUCKING EVER just happened to stand in front of me. Of all people! uuuuuggggggghhhhhhh.

"Hay you okay there?" I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned around to see Mark. His hypnotic hazel eyes caught me slightly off guard as I was lost for words for a moment but regained my thoughts soon enough before things got too awkward. But he didn't seem to feel uncomfortable with me staring, he just smiled and returned my gaze for a moment.

"Yeah I would be if I could actually see."I pouted a slightly, Making him chuckle and my heart do the thing that feels like you just fell off a really high chair....but in a good way? wait that doesn't make sense...does it? oh well.

"We can switch places if you want" he said, not breaking eye contact as he flashed me one of his stunning grins . "but then you won't be able to see"I said frowning slightly, I want to see but I also don't want him to miss what was going on "not if we do this," he knelt down and faced his back to me. "hop on" he said smiling back at me. my face was completely red as I crawled onto his back and he stood up again, giving me the perfect view of the stage and the wonderful speech. "thanks Markimark!" I thanked him as my eyes glued to the colourful stage that I could now see from over all the heads. "Markimark?" he asked curious of the nickname I had just given him. "sorry" I muttered bashfully as I hugged tightly into his rainbow coloured jumper in an attempt to hide my pink cheeks. "Don't be, I like it" he replied warmly as the speech finished and the crowd cheered at the beautiful women on stage as she walked down the steps to be greeted by her friends.

"Wait, where did the guys go?" I asked Mark as we started looking around, using the hight to my advantage as I scanned the colourful people around us. "probably went for something to eat. We better go find them, Felix is my ride home," Mark said as we began heading out of the crowd.

Mark pov:

We where walking through the crowds of people in the warm sunlight looking for our friends until I felt the boy on my back slowly go limp as worry stuck me "Jack?...Jaaack??" I asked as I shook my back slightly to get a reaction out of him to only be greeted by a small snore as he snuggled more into my back and clung to me a bit tighter. Aaaaaawwwww I have an adorable, small sleeping green haired leprechaun clung on my back!! I mentally squealed until a nearby voice interrupted my thought.

"hello friend!" Cry shouted from a food stall where everyone was sat on a dark wooden table as I approached them, Jack still sound asleep as his arms draped over my shoulders slightly and his breaths where even, I felt his chest rise and fall agents my back and it slightly soothed me.

I neared my friends. making sure not to wake up the unconscious boy as I sat down with him still on my back, smiling a bit in his sleep while nuzzling his face into my neck.

"YAAAS LET THAT SHIP MOTHAFUCKIN SAIL BITCHES!!!!" Poods shouted obnoxiously load making me snap my head around to look at him while whisper shouting "shhhhhh you'll wake him up douchebag!" angrily, looking over my shoulder to see Jack still dreaming as I let out a breath I hadn't realised I had been keeping in.

"its getting pretty late. do you guys want to come back to stay at my house tonight?" Felix asked and we all agreed, silently deciding to ask Jack once he wakes up from his nap. "I'm sure Mark wants to go if Jack will be there" Bob teased and I just smiled and rolled my eyes at my friends behaviour and we continued talking until Jack yawned and rubbed his eyes, sitting up slightly.

Jacks pov:

I opened my eyes to see my friends gathered round a small table with drinks, the sun was darker than I remember and the faint sound of the still busy crowd filled my ears as I slowly became more conscious of the things around me.

"D-did I fall asleep?" I asked still a little tired "yup, and you where hugging onto Mark the whole time, friend" Cry simply stated as he sipped on his drink from behind his white mask as the blood rushed to my face, noticing I was on my crushes back and clung onto him "o-oh uhh, um sorry Mark" I said while getting off of marks back and sitting down next to him. "don't worry about it" he said as he took my hand in his under the table and no one seemed to notice as he rubbed soothing circles into my hand that made my heart melt.

I mentally cursed myself for falling asleep like that. It was just something about him that made me so calm, his eyes are so amazing, his voice to smooth and- "JACK?" oh shite, I wasn't listening to Bob. "huh? sorry I must still be tired." I made up an excuse "uh-huh. anyway we where wondering if you wanted to come over to Felixes house for the night along with everyone else?" Everyone else? did that include Mark because if so, fuck yeah "yeah sure! I live next to Felix anyway so I can just grab my stuff when we get there" I agreed "and everyone else lives on the way so we can just drive and pick things up as we go along with snacks" Wade stated as we all stood up and started walking to our Swedish friends car. Mark still holding onto my hand as Wade goofily danced to the music that was playing through the speakers and everyone was laughing and just having a good time.

I was so happy I've met Mark, and I can't wait to get to know more of him. Just as I thought that, I turned to him and caught him staring but he didn't look away, we just locked eyes. I could see so much emotion in them, happiness, care, joy, I was showing the same emotion as he studied my face and I could tell this was going to be a start of something with the most amazing guy I had been waiting for.

Love, pure love.

WOO-HOO finally an update, sorry I took so long with this chapter but I assure you, more feels are coming!!!


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