Moving Day

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I found this story in my documents. Turns out, this was the very first story I wrote back in like 2006 or something. Right when South of Nowhere came out. I decided to post it here. Hope you guys like it. 


“Mom, I so hate you for moving us here.”

“Stop whining Spencer and get out of the car you're going to be late for school”

“But mom, you know how much I hate meeting new people” Spencer explained.

“Come on Spencer, stop being a baby” Glen told his younger sister.

“Don't listen to him Spencer, it'll be alright.” Clay tried to ensure his sister. “But we do have to go so we can get our schedules.”

“Fine.” Spencer said getting out of the car.

“You guys have a good day at school.” Paula said pulling off.

“Sure. Like that's gonna happen.” Spencer said as they made their way to the front entrance of the school.

“Come on sis cheer up.” Clay said putting his arm around her.

“You're such a kid.” Glen said.

“Shut up Glen. You're such a jerk.” Spencer exclaimed.

“Whatever!” Glen scoffed as they made their way to the office.

Art! What do I need art for? I'm supposed to have advanced physics!” Clay practically yelled to the counselor.

“I'm sorry but that class is completely full.” The counselor explained to Clay.

“Well isn't there some other advanced placement class you can put me in?

“The only advanced class we have left is Advanced Chorus.”

“Ha! Clay can't sing if his life depended on it!” Spencer laughed.

“True!” Glen said joining in the laughter.

“Thank you for that Spencer!” Clay said glaring at his younger sister.

“Just saying you'd be better off in Art!” Spencer said trying to stifle her laughter.

“Okay. I'll stay in Art.” Clay snatched the paper out of the counselors hand.

“Okay. Well all of your teachers know that you all are coming so, go ahead and get to class.”

“What hall is your first class on Clay?” Spencer stopped turning to look at her brother.


“Man! Mine is on the south hall. What hall is yours on Glen?”


“Great!” Spencer said rolling her eyes “I guess we'll see you at lunch Clay.”

“Yeah, okay bye.” Clay said walking towards the East Hall while Spencer and Glen headed for the South Hall.

“What's your room number?”

“S-235.” Spencer said looking down at her schedule.

“That's you right there then.” Glen said pointing to the door coming up on their left.

“Yeah, I guess so. I guess I'll see you later.”

“Yep. Later lil sis.” Glen said walking away in search of his own class.

Spencer stood outside the classroom door, wishing she didn't have to go in. She new that introductions were always required for new students. Now or never she said to herself pushing the door open.

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