Chapter 1

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Above is Ella. And btw, this is my first story so I would love it if I got positive and helpful comments! Thanks!!
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Ella POV
Beacon Hills. Where even is that? Why does Jack always make me do the dirty work for him? Go do this, go do that. Go kill him; go kidnap him! UGHHH! He drives me insane! Now he wants me to go kill this multi-supernatural pack that has a true alpha, alpha, a werecoyote, 5 werewolves, a banshee, a human and a kitsune. Jack might be my alpha but do I have to always listen to him? Well, I guess that's a rule, so yes. GRR! Anyway, so about this pack, apparently the alpha and true alpha are both equal alphas of the pack. So they both have a lot of power and control this pack. I'll have to start with the weakest. The one that means the most to them. I'll
Have to see who that is though. I'll have to watch them. Then let's see who I'll bring to Jack first.

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