body language for each emotion

Start from the beginning

-Leaning forward, nodding, wide eyes with strong eye contact and raised eyebrows
-Hand on heart, or presented palms-up, or otherwise visible
-A double-handed handshake (I really want to make sure you understand me!)

-Covering her face with her hands or bowing her head (I'm so embarrassed, I can't look!)
-Difficulty maintaining eye contact, looking down and away

-Rubbing hands together (I can't wait to get my hands on it!)
-Licking lips (It's so close I can taste it!)
-A vigorous, pumping handshake (I can't wait to get started!)
-Jumping up and down (Look at me being literal here! I am jumping for joy.)
-A wide and easy grin

-Eye play, like winking, looking up through the lashes, over the shoulder glances, and eye catching
-Preening, like hair flipping or smooth, clothing straightening, spine straightening, etc.
-Striking a cowboy pose, with his thumbs gripping his belt tight

-Shaking his head (You are so wrong!)
-Massaging temples (My brain-it hurts.)
-Clasping his wrist in his opposite hand, behind his back (Bad arm! No biscuit.)
-Running his hands through his hair (All this frustration is making my hair mussy. I can feel it.)
-Grabbing onto something like armrests, or white-knuckled interdigitation (Restrain yourself!)

-Smiling and laughing
-Eyes and nose crinkling
-Swinging her arms, spinning loosely, dancing, jumping

-Quick head nodding (Get on with it!)
-Toe/finger tapping (Hear this? These are seconds. Wasted. Listening to you.)
-Sighing, checking the clock/sundial/freckles (Time. It is moving so slowly.)

-Tight lips, or a sour expression
-Narrow eyes locked on the perpetrator, to the point of a stare down
-Crossed arms, and additional frustrated, angry, possessive, or bitter body language

-Scratching their nose, ear, neck, miscellaneous part of face
-Sudden change in behavior or demeanor, including shifty eye contact, lots of long blinking, shrugging
-Ill-timed smiles or laughter (This is how I normally smile, right? Right???)
-Additional anxiety body language
-Shaking head no while saying "yes" (I can't believe I just lied.)
-Licking lips, covering mouth, touching mouth, etc.

-Both palms to forehead, fingers splayed (This gives me a headache.)
-Covering eyes with one hand (If I can't see the world, it can't see me ...)
-Eyes wide and staring into space, hands gripping the table in front of her (... Woah.)

-Waggling eyebrows
-Tiny shoves or nudge

-Head tilted back, lips parted slightly, eyes wide or closed
-Slow, languorous movements, stretching (such as arching her neck or back)
-Slight flush, quickened breath and pulse

-Handshake with arm clasp
-Putting hands on or around someone's shoulders, neck, waist, back, or even just the wall near them
-Standing in someone's personal space, body positioned toward that person
-Any one-sided act of intimacy, like running a knuckle down someone's cheek
-Staring down any who get too close

-Chin up, chest out, shoulders back
-A painfully hard handshake that not only squishes the bones, but also forces his hand on top
-Leaning back with his hands behind his head, and his feet up
-Strong, unblinking, focused eye contact

-Arms crossed, sometimes with fists (Not happening.)
-Dragging feet (But I don't wanna!)
-Pinching nose (You want me to do what now?)
-Clamping hands over ears (La la la la!)

-Droopy body (and anything held, like a sword), bowed in shoulders, wrapping arms around self
-Slow movements with hesitation
-Bottom lip jutting out and/or quivering
-Crying, sobbing, body shaking, sniffling, wet eyes

-A tight-lipped smile (My lips are zipped.)
-Hiding her hands in her pockets (What has it got in its nasty little pocket?)
-Looking away

-Hunched shoulders, shrinking back from others (Don't hurt me!)
-Wide eyes and lifted eyebrows (The better to see them coming.)
-Shaking, trembling, or freezing
-Rocking from side to side, sometimes holding self (It'll all be okay, self, it'll all be okay.)

-Slumped shoulders (Don't look at me.)
-Trouble meeting your gaze, looking down and away
-Burying her face in her hands or bowing her head (I can't face the world right now.)

-Hands covering her mouth, or mouth hanging open, sometimes with a gasp (If I had words, I would be saying them.)
-Freezing and staring with wide eyes and eyebrows raised (Diverting all resources toward staring.)
-Smacking a palm into his forehead (Clearly, my head isn't working right, or I wouldn't have seen that)

-Avoids eye contact, or has only fleeting eye contact (Eye contact means you might speak to me.)
-Keeps a fair distance from everyone, and will back away if someone steps closer (Space invaders!)
-Folded arms, head down, and other defensive body language (If I make myself small, they can't see me.)

-Slight, close-lipped smile (occasionally one-sided) and sometimes one raised eyebrow (I know something you don't know.)
-Chin slightly tucked, Mona Lisa smile, raised eyebrows (I know better.)
-Finger steepling (I am so smaaaht.)

-Narrowed eyes, sometimes with a sidelong glance or raised eyebrow (Perhaps if I look at it out of the corner of my eye, I will catch it unawares.)
-Rubbing his eyes (I can't believe what I'm metaphorically or literally seeing!)
-Shaking his head (I-I don't believe it.)
-Blowing out cheeks (Well , I don't know ...)

-Rubbing his eyes, eyes staring into space, raised eyebrows (Raising my eyebrows helps keep my eyes open.)
-Yawning and/or stretching (I am tired-see? Tired! Too tired to care!)
-Almost nodding off and jerking awake (Cannot. Stay. Awa-snnnnurzzzz.)
-Gritting teeth to stay awake (Cannot-yawn-dang it!)

-Steepling fingers (I will think better if I center myself and focus.)
-Pinching nose, sometimes with closed eyes (Focus, focus-I just need to focus.)
-Tugging on an ear (This will help me remember!)
-Stroking a real or imaginary beard (People with beards look smart.)
-Furrowed brow, narrowed eyes, sometimes tilted head and pressing lips together (I can't see it-I will try harder!)
-Resting his chin on his hand (Thinking makes my head heavy.)

-Hands clenched and held above head while grimacing (She is invincible!)
-Head tilted back with a yell (She is fierce!)
-Arm pumping in the air, jumping (Woohoo!)

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