Chapter 1

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"I'm pushing damn it!" Rosalie snapped.

The doctor rolled her eyes and laughed before telling the luna to push again. Rosalie glanced at Dimitri to see him very pale with wide eyes, she bit her lip. She opened her mouth to tell him to sit down when she was told to push again. Rosalie sighed and pushed the hardest she could, the second the baby was born was when Dimitri passed out. 

"The alpha!" someone shrieked.

Rosalie rolled her eyes, "He's fine."

The three nurses looked up and nodded, they even laughed a little before dragging him to a chair. The baby was wrapped in a blanket and gently handed to Rosalie. She smiled down at him, gently stroking his cheek. She leaned down and placed a soft kiss to his forehead, she chuckled when he yawned a little. She then looked over to her mate to see him still passed out, with a sigh she asked one of the nurses to wake him up. She burst out laughing when the young nurse got the bright idea to pour freezing water on his head. Dimitri's eyes snapped open as he jumped up, she laughed harder when he toppled over the chair. 

When the baby started to cry she swiftly soothed it, whispering comforting things and stroking his cheek. Dimitri groaned as he stood up, rubbing the side of his head. The young nurse only shrugged when he gave her a glare, he then turned and looked at Rosalie. A smile appeared on his face, his eyes lit up as he walked over and stroked his son's cheek. 

"What should we name him?" Rosalie whispered.

Dimitri pursed his lips, "What about the suggestion you made last week? Elijah."

She nodded, "I really liked that one...still do."

"Well, I think it fits him."

She smiled up at him, "Middle name will be Demetrius."

"It can't be Dimitri? After his amazing father?" Dimitri pouted.

"But it doesn't go as smoothly, Elijah Demetrius Black goes great. Plus, when we have another child and it's a boy I can always name him Dimitri. And you're the one who brought up the name Demetrius yesterday."

"When we have another one?"

"Well, duh." 

Dimitri laughed and kissed her on the lips, "I love you."

"I love you too." she murmured. 

After she was cleaned up and moved to another room Dimitri laid beside her in the bed. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her on the temple, whispering loving words to her. As she slept he continued to run his fingers through her hair, studying her. He was still breathless whenever he saw her, he still got butterflies in his stomach whenever she came near him or spoke, he still acted as if he hadn't won her love. He knew she was his, he knew he had all her love and he gave her all his in return, but he still couldn't believe it. He couldn't believe that he finally had a woman who he could give his heart to and not worry about her falling out of love with him. He couldn't believe that he had gotten a woman as beautiful as his Rosalie. 

He looked up when the door opened, revealing his daughters. He smiled and motioned for them to come in. The two girls quietly walked over and crawled into the bed with them, earning a soft chuckle from their father.

"We're not all going to fit." he laughed.

Sage grinned, "We can manage."

He rolled his eyes, but focused on his mate. The girls were quick to call Rosalie mom, he knew they wanted to call her mom long before last week, but they were unsure of it. Sara had called her mom by accident, Rosalie had just smiled and kissed her on the head before finishing making their dinner. Sage soon followed, not having a care in the world. He smiled as he remembered one of the men in his pack commenting about how much of a horrible mate he was because he wouldn't cook dinner. He was going to explain that Rosalie wouldn't let him cook when Rosalie herself butt in.

"Excuse me? Who are you to judge your alpha like that? For your information I refuse to let him cook, he's done enough. He almost died protecting me, his family, and this pack. If I want to cook dinner then damn it, I'm cooking dinner. It's the least I can do for him since he had almost sacrificed himself for the safety of this pack. How about you go help your wife move that desk from your room instead of watching her? If anything, you're the horrible mate here." she had snapped at him. 

The man had apologized quickly and scurried off to where his wife was struggling with their large desk. He yawned and laid his head on his arm, his eyes fluttered shut as he fell asleep. Meanwhile, his daughters watched the two with smiles. 

"Come on, why don't we go and get something to eat? Let them rest." Sage whispered, slowly climbing out of the bed.

Sara nodded in agreement, "I'm glad she's our mom now." 

When Rosalie woke up she turned her head to see Dimitri out cold, snoring softly as he nuzzled his face into her neck. She smiled, gently running her fingers through his hair. Every night she would think about those horrible two weeks where she had believed the love of her life had died. Dimitri would often catch her crying in the middle of the night from the nightmares that haunted her. On a few occasions he had suggested that she sees a therapist since she wouldn't talk to him about them. After a few more months she had finally told him everything, even though she was a little embarrassed. When she had told him he held her close every single night, closer than before. They had grown closer over the months she was pregnant. 

He was very protective of her and she has a feeling he's still going to be afterwards. She smiled, even though she knows she has all his love, she still acts as if he isn't her's yet. She still gets nervous around him, still gets those butterflies in her stomach, she acts like she has the biggest crush on him. She chuckled a little at herself, she definitely has a crush on her Dimitri. But it's more than just a crush, she is head over heels in love with him and knows that she can trust him. That he won't break her heart like men have done to her in the past.

A/N:  A little rough, but next chapter will be better :)

I was really upset ending their story lol, I just had to make the sequel.

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