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i wrote like a lot last chapter but when i connected to WiFi it got cut off I'm so sorry skakfjejkakakekw :/

and why does baek frkin hyun look so good in pink i'm-

what's up with his handbag tho
it looks like it's made out of metal lmao
(no offence to the designer, i'm just not very good with the latest... trends¿?)


Everything finally seemed to come to an end now. Taeyeon watched the people who wronged get their punishment as the court announced what they deserved.

Baekhyun was set free from all his false crimes because after all, he was only forced to do them all. Everything seemed to be okay now.

But Taeyeon felt horrible. Nick was imprisoned just because he grew feelings for Taeyeon, ones she couldn't return, and did something he didn't think twice about. Guilt was killing her each time she remembered how much he had tried to show her how he felt but she never saw it, therefore resulting to something he would never do. All those times he brought coffee for her at work, all those times he nearly died trying to save her, all those times he would hold his breath near her..

She felt even worse when he kept on glaring at her inside the court. It was a murderous look, a look as if hinting that she better be careful because he was up to something.

"So," Baekhyun sighed. "What am I supposed to do with life now? I always imagined myself rotting in prison, or even being hanged to death, this is all so.."

"We'll see. All we have to do now is get out from here, because I'm suffocating." Taeyeon said, her voice almost a whisper. Maybe it was the guilt she was feeling, or maybe she was just tired because she lacked two day's sleep, either way the two were about to step out of the door, but no,

the story didn't seem to finish just yet.


Then all she knew was Nick pressing the trigger of the gun, releasing a bullet in such speed that she couldn't even see where it was.

She heard gasps.

She saw pain.

She witnessed death.


this ff will be finished soon yAY

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