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the gif has no relation to this chap but i just like it so 💁💁 kimkai looks very amused lmao


"He's fine right?"

She had been waiting for twenty minutes, worried sick, hoping that he would be okay, so when the doctor who was checking him up came out, she immediately stood up and approached him.

"Yes, he's okay."

"Thank you so much." She flashed a small smile, the best she could pull off, and went inside the room to meet Baekhyun.

He's asleep..

His peaceful face put her heart at rest. Two eyes closed, peacefully lying down, at least at his sleep he could escape what was going on with him.

She was about to go back but she stepped on something.

A bracelet.

"This.." Her eyes widened as she remembered who owned the bracelet. It can't possibly be...


"Yes, it is mine. Yes, I was the one who cut off his gas tank." He spoke with no guilt in his voice, as if he didn't just try to end a life, as if he did nothing. Nick always seemed to be an angel, a happy pill, always smiling, always positive, but who would have known who he truly was deep beneath.

"Why would you?"

"How could I let him live and be happy when he stole my happiness?" He said, his voice almost a whisper as he spoke each word.

Taeyeon didn't understand, or maybe she didn't want to understand. She didn't want believe what her mind was hinting her.

"How could you possibly fall for him when you've only known him for a week? That's just stupid, Taeyeon. You're stupid. How could you never see me?"


"The things we do out of jealousy." He chuckled.

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