Chapter 21- Kiss me

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Chapter 21- Kiss me

I look up at Dylan and he's looking at me with a serious expression. "It's fine." I say.

He nods and moves his hand away from around my his, much to my dismay. "So, you want to go on the ferris wheel?" Dylan asks.

"Um, well. I'm kind of terrified of heights." I explain awkwardly. Dylan chuckles and I bump him with my shoulder, making him laugh louder and bump me back. He stands up and puts his hand out, "I won't let anything happen to you. I won't let you go. I promise." He says sincerely.

I stand up and walk to the line of the ferris wheel with Dylan by my side. Once we get into the little cubicle a voice echo's through a speaker on the roof, "Hello ladies and gentleman, please do not stand, do not eat and do not swing while the cubicle is suspended. Thank you, enjoy the ride."

As the ride starts Dylan stands up and starts shaking the cubicle, I shriek and hold onto the rail on the door. "They just said not to stand or shake the thing!" I scream.

Dylan kneels down so his face is in line with mine and he smirks, "Rules are meant to be broken, nerd." He whispers.

"Well, that only applies to rule breakers." I say, rolling my eyes. "Exactly," Dylan winks, "I'm a bad boy and you're a good girl."

"I'm a good girl?" I ask.

Dylan nods, "Mhmm, but good girls are just bad girls that haven't been caught." He states.

"I'm not a good girl," I state, "and did you just quote 5 seconds of summer?" I ask. He grins and nods, "Yeah, I did and yes, you are."

"Not." I say.

"Fine, I'll test you this weekend. I'm taking you out to prove you're a good girl." He says. Did he just kind of ask me out? "Um, okay?" I say, confused. Nah, its not a date, Dylan Thompson doesn't date.

He's about to say something when suddenly the cubicle comes to a halt. I look outside and that's when I remember where we are. Oh my god! Were stuck hanging in the middle of the fricking sky!

"Ladies and gentleman, we are having a few technical difficulties, please bare with us and we will fix the problem as soon as possible." The voice says through the speakers. We're right at the top of the ferris wheel. I don't look outside and instead look at Dylan, "Were stuck in the sky! I knew this was a bad idea!" I shout.

Dylan just chuckles and sits on my half of the cubicle, next to me. He intertwines his fingers with mine, "I won't let you go." He whispers.

"We might be stuck here for a while." Dylan says and sighs. I nod in agreement, this is going to be a long day.

"Stand up." He says. I listen and stand up, leaning against the side if the cubicle that doesn't have the door on it.

He stands up after me and wraps his hands around my waist, pulling me into him.

"Uh, now what?" I ask.

He moves his face closer to me, leaning his forehead against mine, "Now kiss me." He whispers.


Mwahahahaa, how's that for a cliff hanger? ;) Sorry about the short chapter, I just had to end it there. So, I wanted to say thank you so much for reading my book :D 1000 reads and 300 votes! *does happy dance* I love you all *blows kiss*

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