12. Pitent

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I rest my head against the cool glass trying to be patient.

Patience.Something we all lack.

The Pitent cemetery was in the outskirts, meaning it would take a good deal of time to reach there. Even in Ben's Mustang, it would take half an hour more.

I stare at the night sky, while Ben keeps tapping at the steering wheel.

"Um..Lilly." He calls out.

"Mmm.." I respond lifting my head to look at him.

But he keeps his eyes strained on the road.

"Well, it's kinda irrelevant or maybe relevant. But it's been bothering me for quite some time now."

"What is?"

He looks at me and says, "If Delcan is in trouble, why didn't he call 911?"

Ben doesn't know.

Thinking back to the memories I chuckle lightly. The tales of his childhood that Delcan used to tell me every night before going to bed.

"That's a crazy story there." I say with a ghost of a smile.


"Delcan is a crazy boy, actually. When he was 5, he had a cat. Ms. Furryball , he used to call her. One day , Ms. Furryball got stuck on a treetop. They called 911 and the fireman did arrive but Ms. Furryball did not make it."

"Why? What happened?"

"She was so scared that she jumped out of the fireman's arm and well, ended on the ground." I shrug looking at my fingers on my lap.

I continue, "Delcan loved her so much and he was so angry that time that he vowed to never call 911. He still blames on the fireman for letting Ms. Furryball get hurt."

Ben laughs lightly and then cuts abruptly.

Speaking of Delcan in the present tense makes it so much easier. It makes it true that he still exists, that he will call me again, annoying me with his lame jokes, making me blush with his mushy words. It is true. Because Delcan is alive and he is going to be saved.

I sigh and look at the moon. It was full moon.

Delcan loves a full moon. He was never a fan of pitch dark.

"You love him, don't you?" Ben's sudden question makes me snap into reality.

"Yes. I do." I confess.

He scoffs, "What if he does't make it? Will you still love him?"

Ben's eyes are strained on the road, but they turn menacing with each word he utters.

"He WILL make it. Now stop your stupid questions and drive faster." I snap at him.

His lips form a grim line and keep shut.

Soon we have reached the outskirts. The Pitent cemetery stood there in all it's doom. The grasses that grew untamed shed a eerie shadow of claws. The broken stones stood for how un-cared they were. The trees looked rotten and death was a welcomed sound there.

A shudder passed down my spine.

"Ask him, which gate he is close to." Ben says killing off the engine.

The Pitent cemetery was quite big with four gates at each direction.

I take out my mobile and jump off the Mustang while Ben does the same. The cold wind blows, seeping into my bones. But the unfathomable action of messaging Delcan overpowers the eerie creepiness.

'Which gate is closer to you?

- Lilly'

No reply.

Ben jogs towards me and hovers over.

I bite my lower lip. Minutes tick by but no reply comes.

Ben sighs and taking a step back he says, "Well, let's get in through some gate."

I nod at him sensing it is the rational thing to do and take a step when my mobile dings. A new message icon.

'gt 2. hurry up pleae lilly!'

"GATE 2!" I shout.

The place is so quite that my voice sound decibels louder.

"Sheesh, okay. Stop screaming." Ben chides turning a corner towards the Gate No. 2.

"Delcan, hold on baby. I am coming." I whisper following Ben.

The dried grass scrunch against our sneakers. Even though the moonlight is bright, Ben still uses his torch app to light the way.

We finally reach the tall Gate No. 2. I stop beside Ben.

His fingers knit with mine. They provide me warmth and hope, so I let it be intertwined.

Ben looks at me with determination. We both nod and Ben pushes the rusted gate open.

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