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((Your POV))

Just has to rain, RIGHT NOW?! Well..might as well stick to my plan and go to IHOP, instead of editing my YouTube video..

I got up and ran to IHOP, and surprisingly it wasn't as packed as it usally is. They said it was because apparently pretty much everyone else knew about the storm and I didnt..Anyway, I got a seat by a window and ordered a water. I wast that hungry, so I just continued working on editing that YouTube video I was talking about. But after working for a few minutes a guy walked in, as I hid behind my laptop trying not to be seen. I mean I am YouTube famous after all. But He looked..firmilar. friend Ross from high school. Also known as House_Owner but I just call him Ross.

I walked over acting like a huge fan Or something while he was ordering.

"Oh my gosh! Ross!! Can I have your autograph?!" I asked

"Um..sure. What's your name?" Ross

"(Y/N)" I giggled

"I had a friend from high school named (Y/N).." He said handing me a paper

"Oh Wait! I just remembered! I have your autograph in my high school year book already!" I said laughing

"(Y/N)! It's so good to see you!" He said pulling me into a hug

"Its great to see you to!" I said hugging him

"Do you live here now?" He asked

"I wish I did..but I'm just staying for a few days.." I explained looking down.

"Do you have a place to stay? Because if you don't you could always stay with me."

"I'd love to!"

"We'll go there later, I have to go pick something up at work first." he said walking out to his car

"That's not a problem" I said getting into the passenger's seat.

"Good" he said driving off to wherever the heck this guy works.

Now that I know Ross lives here, maybe I might consider staying here. It is beautiful..Perfect places to vlog..and I can always just edit my videos at the park or at IHOP.

"We're here!" Ross said getting out of the car and opening my door for me.

"I'm going in to?" I asked

"Uh..yeah?! I want you to meet the guys!" he said pulling me out of his car and into the offices.

When we got in we heard someone right away..

"Did Ross finally get a girlfriend?" it said, laughing

((SORRY FOR DA CLIFF HANGER! I CAN SEE WHY YOU WOULD WANT TO KILL ME NOW! Well anyway who should that mysterious voice be? Barney, Adam, Jin, or Max? Because I seriously have no idea. And btw..SAMXGRIAN HAS OVER 500 VEIWS!! I AM SOO HAPPY!! and just so you don't think I die or anything I just don't update a lot because I need to think of good ideas and some of them are terrible and unusable. So THAT'S why! Well anyway goodbye my mythical beasts!))

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