on the homefront

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The brownshirts were running down the streets, shooting anything that moved. They were armed with Luger semi automatic pistols and mp40 submachine-guns. Their Nazi armbands were the same color red as the fire that they had lit in the church. They were right now rounding up all the captured prisoners and all of men above 18 and brought them to town square. On a single signal ten men opened up into the prisoners.

I was 18 and I just saw bullets rip through his body. His blood spilled out on to the pavement and his body went limp.

I ran. Didn't know where I was, where I  going but I just ran. On the out skirts of town I saw a Nazi sentry. I took out my pocket knife and assaulted him. I stabbed him first in the chest and pushed even further. Then I took out a fork and stabbed him in the temple took the mg34 machine gun that he was carrying and kept running.

I stopped running in around a mile. Thee was a car driving down the road approaching me. I had in the grass on the side of the road and waited for the jalopy to drive closer. It was small and grey. It's front had the iron cross on it so I knew it was a Nazi vehicle. I took aim with the mg34 and opened fire . A spray of blood erupted from the drivers chest tainting the window red for a second before it imploded.

I finally new where I was going and I had a way to get there

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