Love Elevator 02 - Dominic

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"From this day onwards, you are dismissed from your position as the Alpha of this pack!" The man in front of me said that sentence without a hint of emotions, just plainly monotone. It was like an everyday thing to do for him.

I felt my jaw drop. "But . . . Dad!"

Yes! The emotionless man in front of me was my Father. He wasn't cruel though. My Father was usually a fun person, but I guess I did something that made him angry. I looked at my mother who stood beside him, and tried to get any hints from her. What was this about? She was just standing there and staring at me helplessly. What was this about actually?

"Do you remember what I said when you become the Alpha of this pack?" He asked me quietly.

I tried to rack my brain. I honestly didn't remember what he said. There were a lot of things to memorize, and I didn't really pay attention at that time. Feeling too happy, I just went with the flow. In my mind, I kept thinking how to become a good Alpha. He saw my face and knew that I was confused.

"Did you even hear what our vows were?" He asked me again.

I smiled at him sheepishly. "Errr - yeah?" He shook his head and knew that I wasn't listening to him at that time. He massaged his forehead, showing that I was the one who made him dizzy. Well, it wasn't like I purposely did that!

Mother whispered to him, "Maybe you should tell him, honey."

He sighed and nodded. "I will tell you, but you better be listening now." I quickly nodded my head, because I didn't want to make this famous notorious Ex-Alpha get angry.

"You are a good Alpha, Dom! But, like I said before, there is a rule that every Alpha should follow. For a mated-Alpha, this rule isn't a problem. However, for the unmated one, this is important." He sighed dramatically again.

I started to sweat. I thought I knew what he was going to say. Sh*t! How could I forget about that rule? But still, I nodded to show him that I understood.

Continuing his previous sentences, he stared at me intently. "An unmated Alpha has to find his mate within a year or his Alpha position will be revoked and represented by the previous Alpha, until he finds his mate!" He stated the rule easily. I looked away and felt guilty instantly.

"But that rule is unreasonable, Dad! I am handling the Alpha position just fine!" I argued profusely.

"You really have no clue, don't you?" Looking at him questioningly, I heard him grumble under his breath, "I don't know how you could survive being an Alpha for one full year!"

He sighed for the third time and started to explain it to me, "Yes! You are handling the Alpha job very well, Dom. How to train our fighters, how to connect and make good relationships with other packs, even how to handle the battles or cases inside our pack."

I nodded solemnly and let him continue his rants. "But what about the Luna job? Your mate's job, huh? She is supposed to help you with the young pups' problems, their education, the organization of our pack's women, and so on. It's important too! Who did that for you, for one full year, when you become the Alpha?"

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