Chapter 1 : Moving into the valley

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I was staring out the window, wishing my mom would turn the car around and go to our old house. But the further we went, the more I realized I was never going to live in that house again. I kept trying to look at the bright side, but there wasn't a bright side. I knew being the new girl at school was going to be hard, but if anyone think of picking on me they must think again. Just because I'm small doesn't mean I can't protect my self, a lot of people at my old school had to learn the hard way.

"Meg," my mom begins interrupting my thoughts. "I know moving away far from home can be hard, but I want you to try and stay positive... Please."

I think about it for awhile. Then I start to realize that my mom did so much for me when I was a kid. The least I can do is try to stay positive.

"Yes, I will do my very best to stay positive."

She softly smiles at me and continues driving.

I look back out the window. I start imaging how my new would look like and how many new friends I'll make. After awhile my eyelids become heavy and I fall asleep.

-  Arrived at their New house.

"Meg honey, wake up. We're here." Mom said in the sweetest voice ever.

I open my eyes but I couldn't hold them open. I try again, and this time it worked. I look at my new home. It was bigger then my old house, and the neighborhood looked peaceful. I got out the car and opened the trunk. I started to take out some boxes. Most or our boxes and furniture was in the U-hual, but it didn't arrive yet. Mom went inside to check on the U-hual while I stood outside taking out some boxes. As I was outside, a group of boys about my age walked by and started to stare at me. Instead of freaking out (like I always do.) I reply with a gentle smile. They all start smiling and waving at me. I turn back around and continue sorting through the boxes until I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turn back around and see a handsome boy right behind me. I was stunned.

"Excuse me, do you need help? Me and my friends are willing to help." He says pointing to pointing to his friends.

I glance at his friends, they were all smiling and waving as if they never seen a girl before. I look back at the boy and smile. "Thanks but I'm fine."

"Oh,ok. See you around."

He ran back to his friends and continued walking up the street. I felt a weird tingling in my chest, but I shook it off and continued sorting through the boxes. My mom came out the house walking towards me with a big smile on her face, I could've felt the excitement off of her.

"Who was that?" She asked.

"I don't know he just asked if I needed help."

"Oh" the excitement fled from her face. "Well I hope one day you'll be friends with him."

I smiled at her and we both started to unload the car, and soon the U-hual truck came and we started to unload that. It was so much work but my mom tried to make it fun. By 12 o'clock mom started to realize I was getting tired and she ordered me to bed.

- the next day.

I woke up to mom gently pushing my shoulders and repeating my name.


"The last box is yours. Can you finish unpacking it?"

I take a glance at the time it was 1:28 p.m. Damn, I usually wake up at 11 ish but never 1. I get up and get the box. Bringing the box to my room I could hear my mom going to lay down on the sofa. Poor thing she was up all night fixing the house. I felt bad but it was her fualt for ordering me to bed.

I tiredly open the box, the first thing in the box was my soft ball glove. I gently hold it up and smile, I place it on my night stand and continued to unpack. When I finished I walked out my room to check up on my mom, she was fast asleep on the couch. I grabed a blanket and gently placed it on her, but I guess I wasn't as gentle as I wanted to be because she woke up. She looks at me and smiles.

"What do you think?" She asked referring to our house.

I look around quickly noticing she sat up everything to resemble how our old house looked like.

"Nice, you did a great job mom."

Her smile became huge. "There's money on the counter, and there's a pizza parlor down the street. Go get ready and get pizza. I'm gonna stay here and sleep."

"Okay mom."

I quickly got dress. I was wearing a pink dress, with a matching bow, white vans, and my dark brown curly hair was down.

I grabbed the money and left. I walked to the pizza parlor which wasn't that far. I walked in and I was greeted with the smell of pizza, my stomach started to growl. I didn't realize how hungry I was until I walked in. I waited for my turn in line until someone tapped on my shoulder (again), I turned around and saw the same boy from yesterday. He had black hair, tan skin, and beautiful hazel eyes.

"Hi again." He said shyly.


"I was about to leave until I saw you again. Well... I'm Benny." He said extending his hand.

"I'm Megan." I reply shaking his hand.

"So... Where did you move from?"

"I came from Pennsylvania."

"Cool! How was it like there?"

"Nice I guess."

"Are you going to centeral- valley middle school?"

"I think so but I'm not..."

"Next!" Yelled the man behind the register.

"Oh sorry. May I have a pie if plain pizza?"

"Yes ma'am it may take several minutes."

"That's fine."

"Hey Megan, do you wanna sit down with me?" Benny asked.


We sat down and were talking until the pizza was done. I got up from the both to get the pizza. The man left it on the higher counter, I stood on my tippy toes to get it but before I got it Benny grabbed it.

"Here let me take it to where ever your going."


He walked with me to my house, and the whole time he was talking about baseball. I told him I had a big interest in baseball too. When I said that his eyes lit up. I could tell baseball was his number one priority. Once we got to my house he handed the pizza to me.

"Thanks for helping me."

"No problem. I'll see you at school." He said starting to walk up the street.

Once he was up the street I started to realize; moving here wasn't so bad.

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