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This is a kind of filler and to explain what happened in past some chapters about Hestia since I got some great advice from you guys that I sometimes don't explain things that happened in the story.

We all went on Olympus again next day.

After what happened yesterday there were many things that needs to be explained.

We reached throne room except the Hephaestus cabin. They all were packed in the bunker 9 after the incident.

" I know there would be a lot of things on your minds demigods! But today I think we will describe and explain all the things took place in recent past." Athena said.

Demigods started talking in low voice already.

" Yes there is a reason why Hestia is so peaceful and doesn't participate in wars. She is the oldest of Kronos kids. The reason why Hestia didn't help big three in First Titan war because she posses a power of destruction that could kill the enemy as well as friends. She goes wild when she is angry. There is a reason she is maiden because her children can be too strong to be controlled. So keep her fire powers in control. Hephaestus was given the power of fire also. " Athena said.

" But what we knew was Hephaestus was not accepted in the family and was thrown out of the house down the hill. Then why take him back? " An Athena kid asked.

Athena looked at other gods and then at Aphrodite.

" Yes it is true. Hera threw her down then hill since he was ugly looking not worthy of becoming a god. But Hestia took him and trained him just like you demigods. But we always had to worry about Hestia's powers. So one day I suggested to give Hephaestus some of Hestia's powers so that she can be stable. But it was risky. Since we didn't know if he can take it or not. So we gave him a deal which included a seat in throne room, a family and a beautiful wife that is Aphrodite. " she said.

" So it was a forced marriage for mom?" One of my sisters asked.

Aphrodite stood and said" No it was not a forced marriage for me but it was for him. He knew I am cheating on him all the time but he never said a thing to me because he thought I was stuck with him because of the deal. He doesn't speak to me because he don't see me as his wife but just a deal. Everything in his life is a deal except Hestia. She always welcomed him. We all betrayed him all the time. We left him alone all the time. It was our mistake that he felt so much pain for so many years." Aphrodite said and tears fell down her cheeks." I am goddess of love but I never valued his respect and love for me. I am a fool." She said and she flashed out.

Everyone was quiet now. Slowly gods flashed out feeling sorry for their mistakes. Guilty killing them from inside.

We all returned to camp just to see Leo and other Hephaestus cabin all in full armour mode and fighting each other. Arrows flying everywhere and Hephaestus was sitting in a corner with Chiron and Riptide in his hand.

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