Extra Chapter: "What's your name?"

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Hi guys! Hope you enjoy this short extra chapter ;) Love yah!


Staring out the window, watching the foreign settings through her big round light blue eyes, she absently laid her tiny hand upon the car window. She didn't know where they were going... She didn't know where they were at the moment, but she was sure she didn't know this place.

"Mommy, where are we?" she asked.

Her mom gave her a quick glance and a bright smile. "We're going to your aunt Maylie's place honey."

"Why?" the little girl asked.

"Because she's dying to see you again. The last time she saw you, you were still soooo small."

"But aren't you always saying I'm small?"

Her mother chuckled. "Well yes, but back then you were way smaller darling."

The little girl cocked her head and wondered when she'll be as tall as her mommy.

"Naomi, we're here," said her mother's gentle voice. Naomi was being carried out of the car by her mother. Stubbornly, the little girl fiercely wrapped her tiny arms around the woman and refused to open her eyes. She wanted to continue her pleasant sleep.

She felt her mother walk and decided to take a peek at to where they were heading.

Her mother didn't even knock the door and it already burst open with a beautiful grinning woman standing with open arms. "Sis!!!" she squealed in delight. Naomi was squeeshed between the sisters.

"And Naomi!" the woman said after pulling away. "You are the cutest thing!" she exclaimed as she took the child and raised her up while twirling around.

Naomi giggled, enjoying being spun around in the air.

"What a cute little laugh," Maylie commented.

"Put her down Maylie before she likes it too much and won't make you stop," Naomi's mother laughed.

"She would do that?" Maylie asked doing as her sister suggested.

"Yes, when we were at the park, she discovered the swings. Sadly, she couldn't reach the ground, and so she made me push her for the whole afternoon. When I would stop, she would cry."

Maylie laughed. "You spoil her too much Layla." She then looked down at the five year old who was staring at her curiously. "Well, I can understand how you can't resist such a face."

"My face?" Naomi asked in wonder. She could not understand what the adults were talking about. But Naomi thought they were discussing something about taking her to the swings again. She thought that would be wonderful.

"Well, Maylie... I need to go, I'll pick her up tomorrow alright. So enjoy your time with your niece," Layla said, planting a kiss on Naomi's cheek and turning back to her car.

"Mommy?" Naomi said in alarm. She didn't know why her mommy was leaving.

"I'll be back tomorrow honey, until then behave and have fun with your Auntie," Layla called, waving gaily and then hoping back into her car before disappearing out of sight.

"Come on honey," Maylie said cheerfully. "Let's go meet the other kids in the neighborhood."

Her Auntie set her down and Naomi straightened her frilly orange dress. She wondered if the kids around there were friendly, and if she could possibly play with them. At school, she didn't really know how to talk to other kids and so she usually ended up playing alone.

Holding her Auntie's hand they started walking across the street towards the big house. And just then, the door once again burst open before they were even near the front porch. Naomi wondered if this place all had magic doors that opened automatically for people.

Out came a boy with messy sandy blonde hair came out running, a water gun in his hand. He turned left and ran away laughing, "You'll never take me alive you old man!"

"WEST!!! You come back here this instant!" a man with the same hair color shouted angrily. He was wearing a business suit that seemed wet. The man stopped short when he saw Maylie standing there.

"Oh, Maylie, uh sorry, come back a little after, let's say... five minutes. I've probably captured that little devil by then," he said in fast forward and then off he went to where the little boy had run off to.

"That's Tristan Gray. He and his family live right across from my house," Maylie told Naomi.

"Why was the little boy carrying a gun?" she asked.

"Ah, don't mind that little devil," Maylie laughed. "This happens everyday."

Naomi hoped that not all the kids around there were the same as that wild one.

Maylie tugged on Naomi's hand and they entered the house where they were warmly welcomed by Ana Gray.

After exactly five minutes, the door opened and Tristan entered the room carrying a wriggling child over his broad shoulder. "Lemme go!"

"Not a chance brat," Laughed the tall man.

"Mom!!!" the child cried dramatically, stretching both his short arms to where her mother was seated. The woman stuck her tongue out at him and laughed at her pouting son.

"I'll get you for this dad," the little boy grumbled.

"West, behave. We have guests," Ana said as she started to head to where her husband set the boy down.

"A guest?" he asked curiously, his cute face peering beside his mother and his big green eyes setting on Naomi who stiffened nervously and quickly hid behind her aunt.

"Go on, greet her," Tristan suggested as he went off to change his clothes.

The little boy didn't need encouragement. He really did want to meet the new kid. He hopped off the stool his dad put him on and walked passed his smiling mother.

Naomi was panicking. She tightly clutched her aunt's pants and closed her eyes shut. "Naomi," Maylie said. "Come on, introduce yourself."

Naomi pretended not to hear anything.

"Whacha doin'?" said a voice right next to her. West stood right beside her, staring at her curiously.

Naomi sqeaked and stepped back losing her balance and falling on her bottom. Tears were gathering in her eyes and threatening to roll down her pink cheeks.

West stared at her. "Don't," he ordered.

The little girl raised her eyes to meet his green ones and obeyed.

West smiled proudly and extended his hand.

Naomi took it uncertainly and just continued to stare at him.

"I'm West," he announced with a charming little grin. "What's your name?"

"N-Naomi," she answered. She was mesmerized by his warm green eyes that were also filled with mischief. She found him impossibly fascinating and interesting. And also, she didn't know why she liked staring at him. She was weirdly drawn to him from that moment on.

"Naomi? That's a weird name." West crossed his arms and looked at her. "But I think it's cute," he said thoughtfully, unaware of the two female adults who were finding them impossibly adorable.

Naomi's face brightened at the compliment, and she smiled happily at him.

West blinked at the adorable smiling girl in front of him. Her bright blue eyes sparkled with delight and her smile made her look ten times cuter. West wondered why his face felt strangely warm for some odd reason...

Ana, stared at the two kids. Maylie nudged her, "Think they'll grow up into a cute couple?" she said playfully.

Ana laughed. "Probably."

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