new day

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elena: Katherine please me let me go 

Katherine:   no  your already grounded .   

elena:   Katherine come on.    I am already your kidnapper and plus I am not your kid

Katherine:   oh elena ,    your my family though .   and I am a lot older than u .    

elena: so what am I too.  regarding family

Katherine:  well, elena ;   your my great, great granddaughter .    since my daughter had your mom and there u go.    

elena:    so u still cant ground me or spank me for that matter .    

Katherine:  I can and I will 

elena:    whatever.     

Katherine:    u know elena ;   before your mom died your birth one.      she told me all about u .   and your a still a kid elena .   who loves to disobey those around her .  according the Salvatore brothers ;    u never listen to so .   but u are gonna listen to me .   

elena: whatever !       

Katherine:  (smacks elenas butt twice hard)   

elena:  owwww    

Katherine:  keep it up .    I am stronger than u elena .    I do care about u elena . it might be hard to believe it is .  

elena:   how the hell u do u care about me 

Katherine:    well, I do elena.     sure I may have done bad things to u and those around u .   its only because u haven't listened to me .   would u rather me kill your friend bonnie or Caroline .  

elena: no .   I will listen

Katherine: wow u only listen if  I threatened someone u love  

elena:   yeah .   but I will listen .   if not , just spank me or ground me . do whatever.  just don't touch my friends or family .

Katherine: (smirks)   hmm I finally got what I wanted from u 

elena:    is to what

Katherine:  u are willingly me to spank your little bottom little girl

elena: yes and I am not little 

Katherine:  elena ;   we have been through this .     say another thing or  when I take u out .   u are not too tell anyone who I am .   or what I have been doing to u .   

elena: or what

Katherine:   or I will spank u on your bare little bottom elena and I will start killing whoever is there . got it. 

elena:  (gulps)   yes Katherine 

Katherine:   good .    I am gonna get a shower don't even try to escape; if u even try and I hear u . I will spank u . 

Elena:  Katherine I am not letting u punish me

Katherine:   oh I am.  Elena your getting spanked tonight

Elena:  (whines a little)   Katherine 

Katherine: (rolling her eyes )    quit whining .    or I will do it now .   

Elena:  fine   .    (walks away )

Katherine:     I am gonna get ready and then were out  

elena:     fine.   (goes to watch tv)

(Katherine goes to get ready)

 elena:   I really wish I can go home.   or I am allowed to talk to my friends.

Katherine:  well, u can wish but nothing is gonna happen   .   

(Katherine goes to get ready and elena starts watching tv)

elena:    I hate it here.

(a hour later) ...........................

Katherine:  when I get dressed and do my hair (gets out of the bathroom)   I will spank u 

elena:   I am not letting u do anything to me

Katherine:    eleniana  

elena:   how did u know my real name   ?

Katherine: oh elena how do u think u came up with that name .

elena: my mom

Katherine:    elena this might be hard to believe but I need u to listen when isobel couldn't take care of u .     she gave u to me but since I was on the run .   I ga ve  u to john to give u to Miranda it was only supposed to be temporary.    

elena:  how ? 

Katherine:     elena ,       I just explained it and just know u are my daughter 

elena: so even though it might take mea while to adjust it .  but what would I call u .

Katherine:   just my name or mom either one .      

elena: okay so mom whats  really going on?

Katherine:  well,   I wasn't never gonna give u to Klaus . 

elena: u sure acted like it 

Katherine: I had to make it convicing .   

elena:    oh so do u care about me

Katherine:  yes I do a lot elena.      

elena: so am I in  trouble

Katherine:  yes but your grounded for a week  

elena:   fine mom.   

Katherine;    well, go out now and we can come back later okay 

elena:  okay mom   

what do u guys think of the twist?        any ideas ?   

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