Chapter 17

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It was all she replied, but it was all he needed.

And so the preparation began. He trained even harder, consistently landing his quad toe, to make sure that everything would go perfect on that day.

Would be hard to justify your Olympic champion status if you fell, right?

Yuzuru planned out with Nam.

First, they would meet at the rink, where Yuzu would talk to her, and skate his programme. Nam would help with in the control room. Then, they would go for dinner at Macy's place, a small cozy restaurant that Nam helped to book in advance. Nam would help get some fresh daisies.

It should go perfect.

It had to.

When the day came, he paced up and down, shooting glances at the clock.



He was awfully nervous, unsure of how she would react.


When she received his message, she texted Tam immediately.

Her parents were never around, and it wasn't like Nurse Jenn knew about teenage stuff.

She'd probably say something like

You just need more gauze, dearie.

Em face palmed silently in her head.

Tam was all supportive, even though she didn't know who Yuzu was.

Talk about great friends.

And hence, she typed in a quick reply.


As the days approached, Em found herself getting more anxious, a little excited.

Maybe he wants a romantic date at the ice rink.

Maybe he wants to tell me that he never liked me from the start.

It made her feel alone again, as though the colours were all gone in an instant, without warning.

And on the day itself, she found herself procrastinating, walking slowly, counting the tiny wildflowers by the road.

Tracing crack after crack on the walls of her bedroom, and drawing little wildflowers with a pastel sharpie.

Fumbling at 7.15, trying to figure out whether to wear the blue dress that reached her knees, or the green shirt with jeans.

Something in her made her go for the blue dress.

It was a shade of light sky blue. Not the kind that was really solid blue, but the drifty and floaty blue.

The kind of hopeful blue, that held hope that today would go well.

She sent a silent prayer to the God of scraped knees that she wasn't going to skate today, because, hell, if she skated in that dress...

The walk to the rink was painfully slow, as she counted her steps one by one, not wanting to think about what would happen next.


Em stood rooted in front of the club, an occasional person strolling out.

It was dark, and slightly chilly as the night breeze wrapped around her.

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