Wasn't Easy Part 43

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8th September 2018 All Rights Reserved


Jenny POV...

(Note: An upset woman using a little language and a little violence. Continue reading if this doesn't bother you.)

We knew that it wasn't going to be easy after coming home, and it wasn't. Even though Daniel and I slept in the same bed each night, we hadn't been intimate for several months now.

After calling his mother and speaking to her in a proffessional capacity, she helped to explain that some things like recovering from an assault like Daniels was takes a lot of time to get over. But in time he will, she assured me.

For a while after we came home, we had his Operations Manager, Joe Dean, take control and oversee the projects that were still in the works. We had trust in his capabilities and we were just a phone call away if needed for anything that might come up. So, Joe covered nearly everything for a while including hiring and firing staff when necessary.

It must have been about five or six months after coming home that I noticed a change in Daniel. At first I thought it was a good thing when he wanted to get back into the swing of things with work.

When he needed to attend to a work site for a few days, he had me go with him, not that I minded of course and when the time came and he went away without me, he usually got accommodation that he shared with a few of the other workers.

It must have been around the tenth month mark that things really took a change. It was these changes that caused me the most worry about him thinking he really wasn't coping very well. He wouldn't come to bed unless I had gone to bed first and he was always up when I awoke in the morning.

I really began to feel unsettled when that was happening. But I persevered every day in helping and supporting him.

This last trip that he has been away on, has lasted nearly two weeks, so I decided that I was going to go and drop in on my husband and steal him away and go off and have a holiday together. Just the two of us leaving all the kids at home. It was time we made a really good effort in getting our marriage put back together.

So after organising what needed to be done at home, I arranged to catch a lift with the postal flight that drops in each fortnight, which was due tomorrow. That way he would really be surprised when I turn up.

So packing light and giving everyone a kiss and a hug before leaving, I found myself landing and picking up a hired Forby that would take me the last leg to drop in on Daniel. It would also be nice to catch up with Joe too since he has been so indespensible with filling in for Daniel since Perth's incident.

Arriving at the work site, I showed my ID to the worker who was manning the gate who then ushered me into the site and pointed me in the direction the site office was in.

A moment later, I pulled up infront of it and quickly hopped out eager to see my husband. Opening the office door, I yelled.. "Honey, I'm home." Like I have seen some do on the television.

A few people were startled when I did that then one of them grinned at me as he walked over to grab me and gave me the biggest hug. It was Joe.

"Hello there girl. What brings you here at this time?" Joe asked with a huge smile on his face as he looked down at me.

"I'm here to do some kidnapping, I am." I said to him with a laugh.

It was always lovely to catch up with Joe.

But for some reason, his smile dimmed a bit. Not that I really noticed as I was looking around to see if my lovely hubby was here. Which he wasn't, but that's okay. I'll get to him shortly.

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