Back Home Part 42

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Jenny POV...

Of course the damn bastards wanted their day in court, not that it did them any good. Actually, it was really her that wanted her day in court so she could tell everyone how wonderful it was having sex with her fiancé. Of course she was meaning my husband, Daniel.

Mr Johnson pleaded guilty from the get go. He knew that they had been caught and he wasn't going to fight it. Before he was 'asked' to go down to the police station to answer questions regarding the assault on Daniel, he knew that Daniel was going to break the contract.

He was going to fight Daniel over that until they had both been caught with so much evidence against them both. Plus, the fact that they drugged Daniel before the contract was signed that evening went against them legally as well since all contracts are void when one of the parties is under the influence of either alcohol,  medication, anesthetic or drugs. The contract was a no go before it was signed at dinner in the restaurant that night. Thank goodness.

So Mr Johnson pleaded for a lighter sentence. Not that it did him any good. Rape charges can bring hefty jail times, and his being an accomplice made it worse for him and he got seventeen years, non parole of twelve. He didn't appeal.

Nicci Johnson was another story altogether. She honestly believed everything she did was not her fault. She told her daddy that she wanted Daniel and everyone knows that whatever 'daddy's little girl wants, daddy gets.' Except for this time. And Nicci wasn't stupid either.

She was the brains behind her fathers business. She just gave the appearance of being stupid so that people would do business with her father as they all thought that she was too young to be that smart, business wise. But she came undone in the court room after a short time.

Listening to all the sickening details was horrible. Not for me, but for Daniel. He looked like he was going to throw up all the time she was on the stand.

Her lawyers tried so hard to make it out that Daniel was the one that was taking the drugs and that the assault was all a fabrication when he got caught by his wife in bed with Ms Johnson.

But the prosecutor made quick work of that avenue they took when it was proved that there was only Ms Johnsons fingerprints and that of her fathers on all the evidence provided. To make sure it could not be refuted, the prosecutor brought in the security footage of the restaurant where it was plainly shown that Mr Johnson had doped the coke bottle of Daniel's after Nicci passed him the packets.

We didn't know about the footage until it was brought up in court. Of course, her defence had to put her on the witness stand and everything after that was a farce or a joke, whichever how you look at it. What really set Daniel off was when she  insulted me.  

" Why would he want her if he could have me? I'm beautiful, she's all banged up and ugly."  Nicci Johnson said which made me feel like I was that damaged that I shouldn't even show my face anywhere.

Because she had to bring me into it, her lawyers thought they could use it against me and Daniel and they called me as a last resort to be a witness for the defence. A hostile witness they called it. But I didn't mind it, I would then show her how a lady responds to questions.

"Could you please say your full name for the court, please?" I was asked but the court official who swears you in.

"My name is Jenelle Roberts Shaw Thoms." I stated in a clear but firm voice.

"She can't even tell which name she should use so she puts them all down." That rude bitch went on to say as she interrupted the court.

"If you open your mouth once more unless adviced by this court, I will have you for contempt of court and sentence you for twelve months which will be added to the rest you will be getting. AM I CLEAR, YOUNG LADY?" The judge ended up roaring at her which had her sitting back in her chair in a cringe.

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