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I, at 3:48 pm, am about to bored my plane to California. Saying goodbye to family and friends was the hardest thing ever. I am with my twin brother and parents. Since we are crazy rich, we have first class. I honestly hate planes but it's not like we can drive there.

" Rach, move faster." My brother, Satchel, is such a baby. But, he is my baby brother ( I was born 4 minutes before him...)

" Satch don't be a baby." I reply, picking up my speed. We soon are seated. I am waiting for them to announce that the plane is going to take off. Soon enough, it did. It was about 10 minutes and I was welcomed by darkness.


I woke up to my mother's wonderful yelling voice. "Rachael, wake up. We landed." I instantly shoot up when those words escape her mouth. We get off of the plane and get our luggage. Blah blah blah taxi blah blah blah BAM! We now are at our new house. I swear it is even bigger than the one in England. And that one was BIG.

" woah" my family said in unison. My dad tells Satchel and I to go find a room. I sprinted up the stairs, nearly falling. I go through 2 rooms when I find the perfect one for me. My bed is queen sized. There is an enormous dresser on the wall opposite of my bed. A full body length mirror next to it. My room is painted sky blue. The floor is polished wood with a mint green area rug. My bed sheets are white with pretty designs. There is a mountain of pillows leaned against the headboard. What feels like an hour later, I unpack and settle down. I take out my laptop and go on the basic social media sites. You know, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter,, simple things. I have over 2,000 followers on each one. Half an hour later I get bored of it. I change into sweats and a baggy T-shirt. ( I don't have a girly personality. I'm a tomboy.)

" Hey Rach. You find your room?" my dad asks me. I nod and he just smiles. He is lounged on the couch while my mom is making dinner. My family has a strange bond. My friends back in England used to always say we would talk act like a bunch of best friends. I didn't deny that because it's true. Yeah, sometimes I wanna smack them all upside the head, but I love my family. And Cali isn't bad. I'm proud to call this my new home.

Hey guys. This is my first story on wattpad. Don't worry the chapters will be longer and better than this one. Just so you know, I am making this up as I go. So let me know if you have any suggestions. Okay bye !
P.S. Rachael, her parents and her brother were from Maine. They moved to England 7 years ago because it is where her mother was born. Yes, Rachael has a bit of an accent. But she isn't full on... English? Idk what to call it.

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