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hey y'all

okay so i know you're probably wondering why i deleted literally all the chapters in this story—especially since this is one of my best stories that gets a lot of reads. well, i made this story back in eighth grade and at the time, i didn't realize how offensive and serious some of the stuff this story included. like the whole first chapter basically had sexual assault in it and yet i found a way to romanticize it. it was disgusting and i was ashamed of it as i read it again recently. anyways, i'm restarting the whole story with the same characters, just making it a story that does not romanticize sexual assault. (even though i promise that wasn't my intentions when i was writing the story, i just didn't realize it.)

also because the story was trash and seemed too rush lmao

anyways, sorry to the people who enjoy this story (,: but i'm just trying to make it better.

xx depressinharlena 🌹

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