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Entry 1

Hi, my name's Amy and I am Seven years old. Today's my birthday and I am so excited! My mommy said that while my daddy is at work I can have a few friends over from school and we can have a small birthday party for me, and if we can have the place cleaned up by the time daddy get's home then maybe he'll be in a good mood! When daddy comes home from work he's angry and tired, so me and mommy work our hardest at cleaning the house in hopes of making him a little happier, and hopefully I will be able to ask if one of my bestest friends in the world can stay the night! I will cross my fingers!

Entry 2

It's Amy again. My daddy came home in a bad mood again. Me and mommy had the house cleaned and spotless when he walked in the door, and we even made his favorite dish for dinner, but he was still angry. Me and mommy tried our best to be good. We didn't say anything when not spoken to, and when spoken to we answered politely, but I made a mistake. After dinner I asked if I could watch a movie, and daddy hit me. I didn't cry or make a sound I just stood with my eyes to the floor. Daddy didn't like that because he hit me and kicked me, and even burned me. When I was told to go to my room I did. Here I am writing to you Journal...the one thing that I can trust. Oh no! I hear daddy coming down the hall! Good night!

Entry 3

My daddy caught me awake past my bed time, so this morning I got another beating. I'm sitting in my desk at school waiting for everyone to leave because the teacher wanted to talk to me alone. My daddy is going to be so mad! I told him I was gonna be home directly after school, but when I walked into class with all the bruises my teacher said she wanted to talk to me after school! Oh, the last person left. I have to go now.

Entry 4

I'm sorry Journal...this will be my last entry. I feel so sleepy, and cold. My daddy was really mad when I came home late from school. He punched and kicked me until I was crying and coughing up blood, and then he lit his cigarette and burned me all over my body with it. I'm in my room now...daddy finally must of gotten over being angry cause he sent me to my room...Goodnight Journal...I can't stay awake anymore.....

Newspaper Headline the next day:

7 Year old girl found Dead. Child Abuse suspected.


A/N: What I did was number the entries she made and then write a short little paragraph. The end is a headline of a newspaper. All of this is made up, and any situation is made up...And personal expirences from anyone then I am sorry. I have not gone through child abuse, or anything...This is purely made up...>.> My mind can be VERY depressing and dark sometimes...I am truly sorry.....

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