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Nick's P.o.V. 

"Come on, Nick!" Clawhauser exclaimed. He was running at fast as he could, his tail streaming behind him. He panted, "The best donuts'll be gone soon!" 

I grinned and walked a little faster, motioning for Judy to hurry, too. She finished writing up a ticket, slid it underneath the windshield wiper of a car, then hopped to keep pace with me. 

"Still writing tickets left and right, Carrots?" 

"Gotta uphold the law," she said with a smirk. 

"Well, I hope you've got something better for me to do," I said, teasing her. I lightly bumped her with my elbow. "If I write one more ticket I'll go back to hustling." 

She emphasized a frown, hardly concealing a smile. "Ha-ha, very funny." 

We kept walking, my eyes trained on Clawhauser's long tail as we went. My mind wandered to today's tasks. The major one was, of course, trying to figure something out for our newest case. People who passed us greeted us as we walked, for we were now some of the most popular cops in Zootopia. Judy continued to write a couple of tickets along the way to the donut shop, but with less enthusiasm now. 

"Nick?" she asked quietly. 

"Yeah, Cottontail?" 

"I like 'Carrots' better," she said with a small smile. Then she turned serious once more. "In all reality... Would you ever go back to hustling?" 

I looked down at her. Did she actually think that I would? "N-No, why would I?" 

"I... I don't know," she replied, "I was just wondering." 

Ahead of us, Clawhauser dove into a quaint little shop. Through the window, I saw a display case of pastel-colored donuts. Handwritten signs adorned the walls. When we stepped inside, I was greeted with an aroma of fresh coffee. The warm air gave the place a home feel. 

"(Y/N)! Hey-hey-hey!" 

I was still admiring the shop when Clawhauser greeted this (Y/N). Was that name familiar...? It almost seemed that it was. Before I turned around, my ears angled back to listen to a sweet, unfamiliar voice. There was a light laugh. 

"Hi, Clawhauser," she said. "I have your usual order ready." 

"Great! But... I brought a couple of friends." 

I turned around. My eyes immediately landed on the pretty eyes of another fox. 

"That's fine," she said, her eyes still on mine. "I'd never turn away business." 

Judy hopped up onto the small step that lifted her to the counter. "Hi, I'm Judy Hopps, ZPD." 

The fox smiled. "I could tell from the badge. It's nice to meet you." 

"And this," she said, pulling my paw, "Is Nick Wilde. Also ZPD." 

She raised an eyebrow. "What a lovely name. What can I get you two?" 

"Uh, two glazed donuts and a small coffee for me, please," Judy said. 

"I'll have... The, uh..." I couldn't take my eyes off of her to even glance at the menu. 

"Oh, oh!" Clawhauser exclaimed, "The maple glazed kind for Nick. He'll love those ones. Plus a coffee, of course. Oh, and can you add extra sprinkles on my glazed donuts? Thanks, (Y/N), you're the greatest." 

She smiled. "Only the best for Zootopia's finest." She ducked beneath the counter, then pulled out a large pink box. Clawhauser practically grabbed it from her paws, then dropped some money on the counter. She picked it up and tucked it into her apron, then moved behind the display case. She pulled two glazed donuts out, set them in a light blue bag, then pulled what I assumed was a maple-flavored donut out and set that in a separate bag. She whirled around and began filling two cups with coffee. She set it all on a tray, then added some cream and sugar on the side. Judy was pulling her wallet from her belt, but I put my paw on her arm and nudged her aside. 

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