9 - The Queen Siblings

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The days were turning into a blur of repetition. There were no new attacks within the city, no new rouge metahumans fleeing from their home town in fear of Zoom. The nights were quiet and boring. I spent each waking moment training Roy or actually hoping for some action. After the events at the charity auction Oliver had been busy regaining the trust of the city, which meant my days were slow too.

"Violet, have you seen my grey tie?" Oliver popped his head around the door of my office. His shirt collar was unbuttoned, revealing his tanned chest. I had kept my nose out of his private life, keeping my mouth shut tight when a certain blonde showed up unannounced most days to see him.

I almost rolled my eyes at him, shifting a stack of papers across my glass desk. "I'm not sleeping with you, Oliver. So, I wouldn't know." I playfully replied. I knew it wasn't my business to poke through his life but it was too hard not to joke with him sometimes.

Oliver gave a stiff laugh. "Are you suggesting I'm sleeping with someone?"

A flutter of a grin played on my lips. "You know what I'm suggesting. I've seen Felicity more times this past week than I have in my whole life. People are beginning to talk, Oliver Queen."

"What have these people been saying, perhaps?" Oliver asked.

"Oh, that the infamous Oliver Queen is in fact settling down for a pretty blonde who happens to be your company's rival." A new voice sounded in the room and my eyes swung up to see Thea Queen standing in the doorway. The younger sister of Oliver, a tiny girl with an eye for mischief. I hadn't seen Thea in weeks, not since the night Margo Phillips had dropped into my life.

"Thea," Oliver smiled, pulling his sister in for a tight hug. Even though the Queen siblings spent most of their time in different time zones these days, they were very close. Thea was only in town for a short few weeks at a time normally. "It's good to see you before noon."

Thea stepped away from his hug, flicking back the long hair from her eyes. She was a very beautiful girl, with a quality that demanded to be seen. She was young and carefree and I didn't blame her. She had finished school a handful of years ago and took a gap year to travel. Turned out her idea of a gap year extended to almost three years. The lifestyle of backpacking, partying on private yachts and soaking up the sun suited her rather well. "Very funny. Thankfully, Violet has been keeping you alive."

I shrugged, rolling my eyes playfully. "It's a hard job, he's just so annoying sometimes."

The two siblings smiled down at me. Although I didn't see a lot of Thea, she was almost family now. I had watched her grow into a woman worth listening to, even when she was away, running around the world. "Oh, I don't doubt that." Thea laughed out.

Thea dropped down into the free chair in front of me as I leaned forward to meet her intriguing gaze. "How is Sin?" I asked. Sin was a friend of Thea's, they had met partying downtown years ago, two kindred spirits that wanted nothing more than to be free.

"I've been keeping her out of trouble, don't worry." Thea replied. The two girls had finished high school and fled the city in hopes to find something new. They had, half way across the world.

"I doubt that," Oliver commented from the doorway.

Thea turned back to me, ignoring her brother. "That's enough about my life. What about yours?"

I shrugged. "I don't know what you mean."

Thea continued to smirk across at me. "I might live in London at the moment, but I keep up to date with gossip."

I nearly choked. "Gossip? What sort of gossip?"

Oliver neared closer to my desk, enjoying my sudden lack of words. This town was a beacon for gossip, usually about the Queen's tragic family affairs. But why was I suddenly thrown into the world of Star City gossip? "Oh, I don't know...maybe something to do with the fact you're spending a lot of time with a certain rich boy."

Oliver was beaming now. "Do go on, sister."

I was already shaking my head when the words slipped out of her mouth. "Roy Harper seems to be quite interested with you, Violet Matthews."

This time I actually laughed, a manic laugh which rattled my bones. "Roy Harper? You think I'm romantically interested in that boy?"

Oliver narrowed his eyes and sat beside his little sister. "You've been very quiet about your love life." He added in for good measure. I was quiet about my love life because I didn't have one.

"Well, you have been spending a lot of time with him." Thea replied quickly, waiting for a response. I couldn't tell them I was training him to help fight the oncoming battle with Zoom, obviously.

"I'm not interested in Roy Harper," I snipped out. "He's annoying, selfish and rude. I literally cannot stand to be around him. I would rather drown than be linked to him at all. Let alone romantically."

"Well, that's handy information."

We all turned to find no other than Roy standing in the door way now. His hands were stuffed into his pockets, a coy grin resting on his face. A chill ran through my body at the sight of him, hearing the words come from my mouth. Thea was already snickering, her hand covering her mouth. Oliver rose to his feet quickly, sidestepping Roy. "Nice to see you, Roy. I assume you're here to see Miss Matthews?"

Roy nodded. "Yes, I am. I can come back if this is a bad time?"

Thea joined her brother, shaking her head. "No, not a bad time at all. We'll leave you two alone." Both the Queen siblings rushed from the room without a second word. I watched through the glass windows as they hurried down the hall, throwing glances over their shoulders at my office.

"What are you doing here?" I asked quickly as Roy closed the door and took a seat.

Roy shrugged. "Apparently not asking you out on a date."

I glared at him. "Okay, okay." Roy replied quickly, his eyes running over my tiny office. "I stopped by to let you know I can't make it to training tonight. I've got a prior family arrangement which I can't miss."

I faintly nodded, covering up my sudden despair. I had gotten used to training with Roy late at night. It had been a nice haven to retreat to after a boring day of work and the tense atmosphere at home. It was something I had come dependent on lately. "Why did you have to stop by to tell me that?" I asked, trying to hide my disappointment.

Roy was already getting to his feet, already done with his short conversation. "I was in the neighbourhood, actually. I thought it might be nice to grab some lunch with you but clearly from your previous comment...I won't bother asking."

My mouth almost dropped open as he headed for the door. I hadn't meant for him to overhear what I had said to the Queen family about him, it had been out of anger. Thea had pushed me up against a corner, demanding why I was hanging around Roy and my anger snapped, as per usual. My first response of defence kicked in. It was my natural habit.

"Roy!" I called out as he turned the corner. I knew he heard me but he kept on walking. I sunk back in my chair, pushing the stack of files to the floor out of frustration.

What was happening with me? Why did I suddenly care what Roy Harper thought of me? I didn't even like him as person, so why did it hurt so much to know he was angry with me?

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