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C o m m e n t & V o t e


So, our class were going on a field trip to the outdoors. When we get there the teachers give us the rules then we're off on our own in the fenced in area. The area is pretty big but it's all land so you're always in plain sight. In the area are many actives set for us. There is a nice blue swimming pool with fresh water in it, some colorful hula-hoops with some colorful jump ropes, as well as mini obstacle courses for challenging one another to running games. Students form lines to the games while my friends and I stand in the shade a tree.

One of my friends, Alan noticed a little, old, white House Alan decides to go adventuring in the ruins of the old house. Of course we all follow; the fence had a hole in the corner, big enough for us to go one by one. The three guys with us excitedly go in while the two girls and I hesitate. I decided to stay behind getting a strange feeling of the house. Thankful, one of my friends decided to stay with me while the third one went in.

After waiting only a few minutes we hear a scream coming from inside the house. That's when we go in and almost faint to the sight in front of me. Dead, rotten, bodies hung from the walls and ceilings. The smell in there made me puke and that made my friend puck as well. The floor was red from the blood of the corpse, and it looked like the were burned before hung. They were nude but nothing showed for it was cut off. The women's breast were cut off as for the men's pecs and privates. What made things even worse was the fact that they were looking straight at you, all of them, with empty sockets were their eyeballs use to lay but they were empty. There ears where cut off and their month was sewn shut. These people were grown adults and there many hung up.

We were about to continue when someone grabs my shoulder. I jump so frightened almost s knocking down my friend. We were glad to see our teachers standing behind us. Hey lead us out as the two officers who were taking care of the outdoor area grab their flashlights and go forward looking for the rest. They all come out safe but they did have scratches and bruises around their bodies.

I don't what I saw and don't know what else I would have seen if I continued. We don't speak out it because it gives us a very creepy feeling. I'm getting this feeling right now just writing it. I couldn't sleep for days after that experience.

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