Chapter 8

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My phone rang. My eyes instantly jerked open. The sun still isn't out. Who the hell could be calling at this hour? I grabbed my phone to see who the caller was, dad. I missed him. Even though I miss him I'm still going to lecture him not to call me at 3:00 am. Oh mah gosh. Who would even be awake at this hour. I answer my dad's call and I was greated by a loud bang.

"Dad?! Are you ok?" I asked. He didn't answers. "Dad? Dad?" I asked again. There was a moment of silence.

"Hey honey." He said. I could imagine him smiling. Dad's really a jolly person. Always smiles and never yells.

"Hey dad. Wha-what was that loud bang I heard? Was it a gun shot?! OH MY GOD DAD! CALL THE FREAKING POLICE!" I said literally screaming and walking around the dorm room. I was expecting him to end the call but he didn't. He freaking chuckled in the middle of a crime scene. "Dad? Why the hell are you laughing? This is serious! Dad! You might get shot by A FREAKING BULLET!" I said screaming into the phone. "I need to call 9-1-1." I said about to end the call. "No honey. Im fine. There's no bullets or guns. It was just my phone that fell. Theres no need to call 9-1-1. What are they going to do inspect my phone?" He said laughing in amusement. Thank God! I was relieved. My dad isn't going to get hurt or die.

"Hey how bout I send you a trampoline there?" He asked.

"Why a trampoline dad?" I asked. There could be alot of other things he could send me? Why a trampoline? He could send me my comforter or my xbox or my books or oreos. He could send me those but why a trampoline?

"Since you like jumping to conclusions so much." He said laughing out loud. He kept laughing and laughing and laughing. All thats coming from his mouth is 'ha ha ha's'

"Dad. Stop." I said sounding serious now.

"Hahahahaha! Jumping to conclusions, get it?"

"Stop dad, stop!"

"Ha ha ha..." His laugher finally dying out.

"I was worried about you dad." I said softly. I could feel tears sting at the corner of my eye.

"I know Marie. I love you princess." He said

"I love you too dad. Muwah." I said as if kissing his cheek.

"How are you there?"

"Im fine dad." I said yawning.

"Are you sleepy? You could sleep and I'll call alittle later."

"Hell yes I am dad! Its 3:00 am for christ sake. I'm supposed to get some rest and you should also get some rest too. I still have school tomorrow and I slept at 12:00 am. And it's 3:00 am. Who the hell would be calling at 3:00 am? Dad are you on drugs? Or are you drinking?"

"I should really send you a trampoline though." He said giggling. He really didn't take seriously what I say. Like if I swear at him he would swear with me. Like if I would tell him 'fuck you' and he says 'what the fuck you saying little mother fucking piece of shit?' And then we roll on the floor laughing our asses off.

"Dad. Could I please freaking sleep?"

"What the hell happened to you? Were you cleansed? Why can't you say fucking? You always say freaking."

"LOL dad! But dad I really need to sleep. You need it too." I said yawning.

"I guess so honey." He said yawning too. "Bye I love you princess."

"Bye dad. I love you too." I said and then dropped the call. I really needed sleep.

I looked over to Monica to see her facing me. She was fast asleep. There were still tear stains in on her face. I bet she didn't go to sleep yet when I told her to. She was really sad. She saw her boyfriend making out with a random senior chick. Monica was really nice to him. She loved him very much. She was very loyal to him. Even looking at hot boys make her guilty. They've been together for a few years. I don't know what has gotten in to him for him to do such a thing.

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