Chapter 17

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Reader's POV (It'll say I for now)

Where am I? What am I standing on. I looked around and saw nothing but black. In the distance, I did see a small light. Looking down, I was wearing only a white dress that reached my ankles. I was barefoot, but I still felt nothing on my feet.

"Hello?" I desperately called out. Nothing made a voice. Nothing made a sound. Nothing moved.

Suddenly I heard a shuffling. Looking around I saw a forest slowly revealing itself, where the light used to be. The forest grew, making trees pop up everywhere.

"A perfect person doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, doesn't cry, doesn't fail, and doesn't exist," said a soothing voice. "But I want to be perfect!" yelled another.

A cottage in the distance was hardly visible and held voices. I walked towards it, shoving branches out of the way. I tried to knock on the door, but my hand fell straight through the door. I fell in, hitting the ground. I still felt nothing.

There stood a girl at a table. She had black hair that was in a long ponytail, and her green eyes were glassy with tears. A girl with black hair and black eyes held her hand.

"But sweetheart it's okay. No ones perfect. I'm not perfect even," the mother said, wiping her daughters tears. "Really?" she asked. "Yes, Mimi. You're very Honest, though," Mimi smiled. Mimi? What's she doing here? What am I doing here? Why is she a kid? Honesty? I thought, and even more questions raced through my head.

The image disappeared, and another house, only bigger stood in the distance. Cars zoomed by, and faint images of more homes were in the distance, but the big house ahead was solid. I walked to it and almost hit a car but it went through me. I walked through the door once more.

Walking in I saw a boy sitting on the love seat. He had blond hair and blue eyes. He was on the lacrima, and he looked pained. "Son, look I know you want to live outside the walls, but what will you do? You can easily...," the voice that sounded like a girls trailed off.

"Mom, I won't die," he said, and sounded like Levin. Levin? I thought. "Levin?" I said. But I didn't hear anything. "But son, you're the most loyal person I know, so I trust you, okay?" the voice said.

The image cleared. So there's honesty and loyalty? What now? I thought. Another image appeared. I was back at the forest, only in a different cottage.

Reaching for the door that stood tall in front of me, I entered an saw something I'd never be able to erase from my mind. There stood a girl, and surrounding her was the Divine Warriors. She had (H/L) (H/C) hair, and she wore a (F/C) fade dress.

She was surrounded by the colors of green, blue, purple, orange, pink, red, black, and white. White was in a circle above the girl, and the other colors corresponded to the correct person.

Levin was blue,
Delilah was purple,
Mimi was green,
Zane was black,
Alessandra was orange,
Carter was pink,
Avalon was red,

And I was still in the middle, a white light covering my head. Everyone was chanting words I could make out. Now I had completely and utterly no control of my body. I was walking to my light. I phased through my own body, lining up perfectly.

Reaching up, I touched the light, and everything was a blur. Blinking to get my eyes adjusted, I saw no existence of life. Instead, I was in the room that was known as the infirmary. All I heard was a beeping noise that blared in my ears.

Mustering up all my strength, I stood and wobbled instantly. I was pulled back by a strong force. It snaked its arms around my waist and held me tight. I didn't have enough strength to fight back.

"Oh no, no, no. You're a little too weak right now, (Y/N)," it teased and nibbled my ear. "Bad, bad girl. Now, you'll just have to pass time with me," the voice said and let go of me.

I sharply turned to see Sting in his usual attire. His vibrant blue hues were glued on my body, that surprisingly had no scars. He thought of it as ravishing.

He straddled my stomach, causing me to yelp and blush. He smirked at me. He took my shoulders and pinned me down to the bed. He then lied my head on the pillow. "Now now, (Y/N). I wouldn't take advantage of you like that," he said, his deep voice causing me to blush more. He got off of my stomach. "Not yet, at least," he added, then left the room.

I gulped. So all the dragon slayers like one person. That one person picks one. That one persons hunted. Oh, I forgot to mention, that person's me.

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