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*3 days after Smackdown*
As my dad was landing today for Monday Night Raw, which was tomorrow, he had asked me in advanced to see him at the airport so that he could take me out for dinner.
He also told me to dress nice because he said that it was a fancy restaurant. This is why I'm trying to pick out an outfit. I'm going for cute but not too showy.
About 5 minutes later I finally pick an outfit. (^ Outfit above ^)
Because I look like a mess and feel and smell like I haven't had a shower in a year, I quickly pop into the shower and do my showering routine. Including shaving my legs because I'm wearing a dress.
After I finish my routine, I hop out of the shower, dry myself and my hair. I don't feel like doing anything special with my hair so I just curl it. As for my makeup, well I just decided to keep it simple and neutral and not bold.
Once my look was complete, and I was happy with it, I grabbed my keys to my car not a rental car because I was at my house in my home town, Brooklyn NY, where Monday Night RAW is going to take place.
*At the airport*
As I entered the airport I headed straight for the desk to see when my dad is flying in because he took is private jet to get to here. The information people told me to take a seat because my dad would be landing in 5 minutes. I thanked them and took a seat.
I sat down and took out my phone to scroll through Twitter and Instagram. When I was doing it I heard a scream so I look up from my phone and saw someone say, well shout:
"OMG. YOUR SKYLA STORM!" An excited girl screams and runs over.
"Hey sweetheart," I say giving her a hug.
"Hi. I've been dreaming to meet you in person for so long," she says.
"Aw that's really sweet. What's your name sweetie," I ask her.
"Rosie or Rose as my friends call me," she replies.
"That's a beautiful name," I say.
"Thank you," she says.
"So would you like to take a picture?" I ask.
"Yes please, and can you autograph my phone," she asks.
"Of course," I reply.
She takes out her phone and we take a few selfies and after I autograph her phone.
"Thank you so much Skyla," she says.
"You're welcome hunny," I say.
"Well sadly I have to go but it was really nice meeting you," she says.
"Aw you too," I say. I then gave her a hug and waved her goodbye.
My dad still hasn't come yet. I wonder where he is? Hopefully he will come soon because I really am hungry and I'm never in a good mood when I'm hungry.
I look around the airport for a bit when I see him with his suitcase walking towards me. He's also looking around for me so I run through the airport and then he finally see's me. When he does he drops his suitcase and I run into his arms and he spins me around.
"Dad, you're finally here. I've missed you loads," I say.
"I've missed you too baby," he replies. "You look beautiful."
"Thank you dad. How was the filming of the movie," I ask, talking about San Andres.
"Amazing and fun but tiring and the worst bit was that I was away from my little girl," he replies.
"I'm not a little girl," I whine.
"You're my little girl though," he says.
"Well, I'm hungry and you know how I get when I'm hungry so leggo," I say.
"Alright, alright," he says and he picks up his suitcase and we walk out of the airport into my car. I let my dad drive because I have no clue to where we're going. My dad starts the car and we leave to the fancy restaurant.

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