There’s a Jock in My Bed!

                              Chapter 15 – Another One Bites The Dust

            Song of the Chapter: Dancing Away with My heart by lady Antebellum (2011)  

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“Danny, what are you doing here?” I ask, tracing the boy’s face with my eyes, shocked and unable to move.

His eyes keep its intense vigor as he stares at a smirking Alex, ready to pounce on him at any minute, “I was invited, since my school is closed for the next week, I thought it might be a good idea to come and chill with friends.”

Alex chuckles, “What friends?” he mocks, looking around. Silence, a blessing at the moment but an impending disaster in disguise makes its awkward way into the moonlit cool air. Danny’s eyes glaze over, something he did when he was so angry he would lose all rationality and control over his actions. “And you wouldn’t take me back but you’d be with this douche bag.”

Alex smirks and his eyes snake over to me, “Well are you going to tell him baby, or would you rather give me the complete satisfaction.”

I bite my bottom lip and start to play with my thumbs. Alex’s devious laughter speaks for me, probably better than I could myself. Danny narrows his eyes on Alex and takes a menacing step forward. Alex-wanting to be the dominant one eagerly and arrogantly fills in the space between them. Their foreheads mesh as one and their noses were slightly touching.  A growl passes through Danny’s pink lips but Alex stays unmoved-it’s interesting how males-no matter sexual orientation fight for dominance.

“You cheated on him?” Danny sneers, his eyes, so cold, so blue and full of so much anger are burning into Alex’s hazel ones like they were glass.

“No, better. I used him for sex then,” he whistles and makes a splat sound, “then dumped him in his room. Classy huh?” he remarks and the look of repulse on the face of Danny was enough to set the entire building on fire. Alex smirks, “Come on big boy, prove to your ex-the love of your life that you’re a man…that you’d fight for him.”

“Danny Don’t.” I barely whisper. His jaw clenches and he throws me a look before returning back to back to stare at Alex. This isn’t about me anymore; this is about protecting his manhood because what man would just stand there and let someone talk so heartless about someone they care about?

“Come on Daniel, win him back. What? Isn’t it enough that I did something you couldn’t?” he senses Danny’s anger, raging and quickly scratching its way to the surface – already devouring his eyes.

“Why are you so angry, that I got your guy? Or is it the fact that I screwed him all night long that upsets you?”

Danny steps back, expressionless and turns around and starts walking away. I sigh in relief and hold my chest. I felt it tighten and I found myself gasping for air.

“Evan, are you okay?” I look up immediately. Alex had his hand on my shoulder and his eyes are soft.

“Yes. It’s just an anxiety attack.” I growl, removing his hand harshly from my shoulder. He swallows sharply and the look of remorse and concern disappears.

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