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"everything will be fine." He said. "I promise." He also said.

I sighed heavily at my predicament. I had to pee but there was no way in hell i was using the bathroom with three cops and another cell mate watching me.

"Dan Howell? Get up it's time to go."
I gave the officer a confused look before obliging and following him out of the cell and into the stations lobby, where my mother and my lawyer stood. She ran up to me and tackled me into a hug.

"Oh my goodness Daniel, i never thought..."

"Shhhh mom, it's okay. We'll be fine." I pulled her away so I could look at her. "How did you get me out?"

"We didn't do anything. They just called and said that there was a mistake and that you would be released at 6 tonight."

I pondered this for a moment. this seems impossible.

"I mean, i'm not going to complain.. but can we go home so I can pee?" My mom laughed with tears still brimming her eyes.

I waited as the police gathered my belongings and handed them back, ending the exchange with an apology. I was too shocked to reply so I kind of just nodded and stumbled out the door behind my mom. "Adrian is a mess. I think you should talk to him before you go to bed.. I'm sure you're exhausted. "

"Yea, I will." i answered, climbing into the passenger side. Mr. Rigg waved us goodbye before he pulled out, and my mom gave him a smile that held more meaning than just goodbye.


im busy af sorry guys. ill try to do a proper chapter tomorrow, or monday... honestly i probably wont have time until wednesday. but i'll try.

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