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Pen Your Pride

The Dirty Side Of Marcel (part 7)

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"I love you more than you will ever know, (y/n)." he says. The next day you decide to stay home, so you called Marcel to let him know. "Hey Marcel, i'm staying home today." "Alright babe, i'll be over there in a second." then he hangs up. You're door opens, to see Marcel walking in. "He hugs you and kisses your nose. "so how is my beautiful girlfriend feeling?" "I'm feeling alright, just in a little bit of pain." you reply. "Here love" he hands you the pain meds. You take them and the next thing you know your out cold. After about a three hour nap, you wake up to Marcel wrapped around you, protecting you. You feel so safe in his arms. You get up to go get something to eat. You're at the counter when you feel a arms wrap around your waist. "Good afternoon sleeping beauty." he says. You smile and start to blush. You get all the stuff out to make homemad pancakes, just the way your mom did. You got the eggs, flour, chocolate chips. You turn on the burner and heat up the pain. Marcel takes a big handful of flour, and smacks your bum. "You did not." you say laughing. "Payback sucks." you say as you slap his bum with flour. The only thing is, is that he is wearing nothing but black. You wink and turn away. Marcel then throws an egg at you, hitting you in the head. "OH BOY ITS ON." you run back getting the carton of eggs, throwing everyone at him. You can't stop laughing. He runs to you, picks you up and says, "You wanna play it rough? I'll show you rough baby." he winks as he...


YET ANOTHER CLIFF HANGER. what do you think? Should I still update?

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