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Harry lifts his final painting in the trunk of his old Vauxhall Corsa, letting out a lingering sigh. He has an appointment with Mark, his selling agent. There is a gallery that is interested in Harry his artwork, therefor he will bring his work to Mark so he can complete the deal. 

Harry has been working with Mark for more than three years now. The lad used to do everything on his own, making the art, finding buyers, selling it. In the beginning, Harry was fine with that. Over the years the lad met Mark, who started to help out a little bit. Soon after, Harry decided to hire him. 

Since then, it saved Harry a lot of time and effort and he made more money because of it. Mark and he became great friends as well, but for some reason, he had never visited the middle aged man his home before. Mark is around six years older than Harry, making him 35. They drink beers together once in a while but they don't know much about each other, it just isn't something they talk about when they hang out. It is mainly business.

Harry arrives at Mark his home. He walks to the front door and rings the bell, sliding a hand through his hair to get it out of his face. The door gets opened shortly after, but not by Mark. A young boy stands in the doorway, wearing all pink.

"Hello." Harry says, eyebrows raised a little bit.

"I am Harry. Nice to meet you." He kindly says, shaking the boy his hand.

"I am Louis. Nice to meet you, sir." The boy says in a small, shy voice.

"Is Mark around?" Harry asks as he walks past the boy, into the unfamiliar hallway.

"Yes!" The boy says with a small squeal. He closes the front door and walks out of the hallway, into the living room.

"Daddy! Harry is here!" The boy says and Harry follows him, giving Mark a confused look.

"You got a son, mate?"

Mark stands up from the couch and walks to Louis, kissing his feathery hair.

"Yes. This is my little boy." He proudly says. Harry looks at the young boy once again, admiring his innocent, girly look.

"I have the paintings for you, mind helping me carrying them out of the trunk?"

"Louis, be a good boy and help Harry out. Daddy will make something to drink for our guest." Mark says and Louis nods immediately. Louis follows Harry to his car, a small blush on his cheeks because he doesn't know what to say to break the awkward silence. Luckily, Harry isn't the shy type, so with ease Harry starts a conversation.

"How old are you?" He asks, truly interested because the boy looks fourteen and acts twelve.

"I am sixteen, sir." Louis says. Harry does some quick math, realizing Mark must have been around twenty when he got Louis.

Harry opens his trunk.

"Ah, you're a big boy then, you can carry this one with ease!" Harry says, treating the sixteen year old as if he is six but the giggle from the boy confirms that he doesn't mind the baby talk at all. He grabs one of the smaller canvasses and hands it to Louis, who still seems to struggle.

"Can do it! Am very strong." The boy says, shuffling back towards the house. Harry grabs the two biggest canvasses that are wrapped in a fair amount of bubblewrap and walks after Louis. He can't help but look at the young boy his ass.

After not more than 5 minutes, Harry his art is all in Mark his hallway. Louis takes place on the couch, breathing in and out quickly.

"That was quite the workout for you, wasn't it?" Harry asks when he notices how exhausted the boy looks.

"Were heavy pantings, sir." The boy shyly mumbles. Mark walks into the living room with two cans of beers and one glass that contains a red substance, which is probably some type of lemonade.

"It is a little early for a beer, isn't it?"

"Ay mate only one!" Mark says as he hands Harry the beer. Harry takes it even though he usually doesn't encourage drinking during the day.

Louis stands up and walks to Mark, kissing him on the lips as he takes the glass from him.

"Thank you daddy." He says in the most submissive little voice possible. Harry is aware that some parents kiss their children on the lips but he did find it quite alarming that a dad just kissed his sixteen year old son as if it is the most normal thing in the world.

Mark sits down on the couch next to Harry and looks up at Louis.

"Go to your room, kitten. I have some business to discuss." Harry looks at Louis, who nods and walks out of the room. Again, Harry looks at the boy his ass. There is something about his innocence and how soft his skin looks that drives Harry insane.

"You sure have a cute one." Harry says once Louis is out of the room.

"Isn't he sweet?" Mark asks with a smile.

"How come you never mentioned him? You seem very fond of him."

"I like to keep private and business separated." He explains.

"But I know you would never judge. And I actually need to ask you for a favor." He continues.

Harry raises his eyebrows, Mark having all his attention.

"A favor?" He asks. Frankly, Harry hates doing people favors because it often means doing a lot of things without gaining anything from it yourself.

"The art gallery that is interested in your art is quite the drive from here and I booked a hotel for a couple nights. I can't take my little boy with me but I also don't want him to be home alone for over three days."

Harry takes a few gulps of his beer, really liking the offer so far.

"You can take him with you to your own home if that is more convenient for you. You've met him. You know he listens. I'm sure he won't be a bother."

"Yea sure no problem." Harry says almost immediately, feeling as if Mark is doing him a favor with such a thing instead of the other way around.

"When are you planning to leave?"

"Today." Mark carefully says, expecting Harry to be a little hesitant because he wouldn't have any time to adjust to the idea of having a temporary roommate.

"Fine by me. Don't you think he'll be scared around a stranger?"

"Not as long as he knows his dad is friends with that stranger. You two will get along just fine." Mark says, relieved Harry is willing to look after his son.

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