The Beginning

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Forn landed lightly in front of them and Boromir and Legolas started packing the extra bags onto her back. Sam insisted on bringing the pony, Bill he was called, and so any bags that didn't fit on Bill was placed onto Forn. Normally Forn would complain of being treated as a pack animal, but she stayed silent as bags were placed onto her back. There wasn't much, the Fellowship wanted to travel light, but Forn insisted they could pack her with as much as Legolas allowed her to carry (which was no more than his body weight, they ended up only packing half of that).

"The Ring-Bearer is setting out on the Quest of Mount Doom. On you who travel with him no oath or bond is laid to go no further than you will. Farwell," Lord Elrond said. "Hold to your purpose. May the blessings of Elves and Men and all free folk go with you."

"The Fellowship awaits the Ring-Bearer," Gandalf said. Frodo slowly started to walk forward, glancing around nervously. The Fellowship followed, Forn deciding to walk until she found a practical place to take off. The trees were too close to fly, or really walk for that matter, but Forn made do, although she wasn't sure how many of the trees were happy with her after she passed through them.

After what seemed like ages of walking through the cramped forest, they finally made it to clearer skies and Forn took off, shooting into the air and leaving the view of everyone but Legolas whose eyesight was much better than anyone else's.

"Has she left us?" Merry asked following what he thought was Forn's flight.

"No, she is simply flying above us, out of the view of mortals eyes," Legolas answered before stepping lightly through the bog they were currently making their way through. "And I doubt she wanted to get her scales dirty." He left it at that, bounding ahead and leaving Hobbits jealous of the fact he didn't sink in the mud behind.

They finally decided to stop on a pile of rocks, everyone (besides Legolas) was thankful for the rest and Sam even got a fire going. Forn landed after a little settling herself beside the rocks, the sun glinting off her scales blindingly. Gimli grumbled something and made his way over to Legolas.

"Your dragon is too bright," He said. "She'll give us away. Anyone would be able to find us." Legolas bit back a sharp reply, just because Gimli was a dwarf didn't mean he couldn't be right, which Legolas sourly admitted he was.

"And what does your brilliant mind expect we do about that?" Legolas asked scanning the skies. Forn picked her head up, listening intently to their conversation. Gimli frowned before turning to Legolas.

"Dust!" He exclaimed like that was supposed to clear anything up.

"Dust...?" Legolas repeated. Gimli nodded not getting the fact that nobody understood what he was trying to say. "Dust?" Legolas said again.

"Dust will dull the color," Gimli finally explained. "If we cover her in dust she will dull."

No. Forn said. No. I refuse to be covered in dust.

Although they ended up ignoring her opinion. Forn went and got wet before the Fellowship surrounded her, dumping handfuls of dust onto her scales before she was successfully covered. Once that problem was fixed everybody, but Forn, went back to what they were doing as if it never happened. Forn however, sulked the whole time post being dusted.

Boromir was teaching the Hobbits to fight, whilst Aragorn sat off to the side, giving pointers. Gimli was complaining to Gandalf and Sam and Frodo were working at cooking food. Legolas was leaning against Forn's back as he looked to the sky (Forn, although mad at everyone who helped Legolas cover her in dust Gimli especially, could not stay mad at Legolas), watching for any potential danger.

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