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Pen Your Pride

I’ll see you soon . . . I whispered my last words. I heard him lock & load his pistol. Soon I heard a gun going off and my mind going blank . . .

I felt a body collapse onto mine and somewhat heard a man’s voice afterwards. I could tell it was a man for his silhouette made it clear to me.

“Are you alright miss?” asked the man.

Look, whoever you are I can’t see or hear you. I said calmly. It’s actually kinda sad and weird that I didn’t freak out or cry; damn, Maz really fucked me up. Well, everyone did for that matter.

I’m gonna be realistic here, I’m pretty sure whoever was trying to talk to me shot Jack. I don’t know if he’s dead or maybe he passed out from all the pain but I just want to leave and go home!

The man gently picked me up and broke the chains lose from my arms and ankles and carried me away from the scene. I could feel his neck vibrating, which tells me he’s talking. Sadly, I can’t really make much out of it so I say what I should say to him.

Thank you I whisper in his ear. He hugs me tighter and puts me in a car, buckles my seat belt and drives off. Everything was so tiring, from my depression to dealing with Jack that once I tilted my head back, I fell asleep.

Maz’s P O V

I was creeping inside the abandoned building when I hear a loud bang. It sounded like a gun going off. I ran to the echoed noise and soon found a room with chairs and beers. I walked in slowly, expecting the worse and saw a dead body. Thank goodness it wasn’t Marceline’s but it was . . . Jack Harries. I checked for a pulse and sure enough he was dead. From what Matthew described to me and from what I saw, I’m sure Marceline didn’t do this. She’s too dead to do anything. She didn’t even fight back when they kidnapped her. That one guy who felt bad for her didn’t even want to do it.

Wait! That’s it! He was probably the one who shot Jack! But if he helped Marceline, then where the hell are they? And where’s the other guy?

I ran out the building and notified the one person who should know about this.

The phone was ringing on the other line. “Hello?”

Hey Finn, umm, where are you?

“I just got back from dropping my girl off, why?”

Shit, this was going to be hard.

Look, mate, you gotta be strong for me alright?

“Maz, what’s wrong?” he started to panic.

It’s about your brother Jack, he umm . . .

“Where is he?” he hinted.

Jack was . . . Jack was shot. He’s dead Finn; I’m sorry. I breathed.

Not a sound was made on the other line.

“Where is he?!” he shouted.

I don’t know where I am Finn, I followed some van here because . . . because Jack kidnapped Marceline and she didn’t fight back so I decided for fight back for her. As I was looking for her, I heard a gun go off and before I know it; I walk into a room and Jack’s body was spread out. I’m sorry Finn . . .

“What?! Where’s Marceline?! I bet you were up to this; Marceline has been receiving threats from you and that bitch you go with! She never told me she did, I checked her phone! I had to, I’m worried about her; you killed her Maz! She’s already dead!” he shouted.

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