chapter 3

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Marks pov:

After a while the festival reached a massive field and everyone flooded in. There where colourful stalls everywhere and a massive stage with balloons of all colour scattered around along with glitter and flags as new music began playing and the field got filled with tones of people having fun.

After getting drinks and a snack we all sat down next to the stage on the green grass for a bit just getting to know Jack and stuff. It was a nice day, the sun was out and Felix was sat in Crys lap as they hugged close together. I'm so alone ;-;

"oooohhhh I love this song!" Wade proclaimed as the song 'born this way' blasted through the speakers (perfect 4 pride) . "fuck yeah!" Felix agreed slightly dancing and singing making everyone laugh before a group of guys sat next to us on the field.

I was sat opposite Jack who had gone on his phone for a minuet and was oblivious to the group of guys annoyingly checking him out sat next to us. Jack was still scrolling on his phone and the guys had begun looking at his ass. Fuckers, I have to sudden urge to punch someone. They had even gone as far as trying to slyly take pictures of the green haired boy as he tucked his knees up to his chest and hugged his legs causing one of the boys to 'aww'.

I have no idea why I was so angry and the dickheads for doing this, I just was. I gave one of them a death stare which he just sarcastically smiled at, causing me to get even madder as I looked over to Felix who had a slight smile on his face from seeing me get this worked up over Jack.

After a while Jack put his phone away and Bob began talking "guys, do you wanna go camping in the woods in 3 days? it'll be fun but I've only got 3 tents so people will have to share" we all agreed this would be a great idea but wade had to have some convincing to stay the night in the middle of the woods, I of course was hoping to be in the same tent as Jack.

We had just gotten up to go look around when one of the guys from the group had started to approach us. he better fucking not try anything with Jack. I glared at him earning a smirk from the blond haired boy with dark brown eyes.

He stopped just in front of us and looked at Jack "may we help you?" I said in a sarcastic tone. he just gestured over to Jack, getting his attention "I would just like to ask your friend something" he replied 'innocently' but with a small smile from annoying me pulled at his lips. motherfucker.

"huh?" Jack asked confused as he tilted his head slightly at the older boys words. this boy was to damn cute for his own good. "I was just wondering if you would like to spend some time with me and my friends Irish clover?" he said winking at Jack causing me to make a very annoyed sound and Jack to blush slightly. "umm thanks for the offer but I was hoping to spend time with my friends" Jack spoke politely as the taller boy approached him. "Aww come on cutie, just for a minute?" the other boy was being stubborn "uh thanks but no thanks" Jack said obviously becoming nervous as he slightly his behind me and grabbed my shirt a bit. "it won't be long" the boy approached Jack but i stood in the way. " no means no dick, can't you see he doesn't want to go with you? so why don't you just go fuck yourself with a cactus and leave him the fuck alone".....well that came out of no where. I'm not usually like that, but something about Jack really made me want to protect him. "Okay geez" he said stepping back slightly "but if you and your boyfriend don't workout call me" he gestured to me when he said 'boyfriend' making butterflies fill my stomach but I just ignored the feeling and glared at him until he was gone.

"T-thanks Mark" he said as he pronounced 'mark' his accent made it sound too cute "that guy was a prick, from now on don't leave my side" I told Jack and he nodded in agreement and held my hand making me blush and causing Cry and Felix to smile and give each other a sly high five.

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