You want to what?

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                                                                             *Third Person P.O.V* 

Clint walked into the main room of Tony's lab. He looked at Tony, who looked like he was researching of some type. He didn't seem to notice Clint, so he spoke up.

"Hello?" Tony jumped at the sudden voice, but relaxed once he saw who it was. "Did you call?" Clint's patience was dying, and he wanted to get whatever Tony wanted done with. 

"Yea, actually. You know the vigilante Spiderman?" Tony asked, looking up from his computer. This sparked Clint's interest, he adored the 'vigilante' and was always interested in his fighting style, but he would never let Tony know that. 

"Yea, what about him?" Clint asked, trying to leave out the interest in his voice, but failing. Tony's eyes sparkled, which surprised Clint. 

"Well, I was talking to Nick, and he wants us to capture him-," Tony was cut off. By Clint. 

"What the hell? He's not doing anything wrong, so why does Nick want him?" Clint was strangely over-protective of the superhero, he realized. He hadn't even met him yet. 

"Whoa, Clint, keep your pants on, okay? We're just gonna get him, Nick wants to talk to him. He thinks that Spiderman may be a threat if he turns evil, which is highly unlikely, but we can't take chances like that. All he wants is to meet him, get the information he needs, and, if he's lucky, than maybe he'll become an Avenger." Tony said, calmly. Little did the two Avengers know that Natasha, Bruce, and Steve walked in at that moment. 

"So, we're just gonna capture him? Like it's no big deal whatsoever? Either way, if he joins our team, we'll be the ones that's gonna be lucky. I still don't think it's a good idea," Clint shrugged, leaning against the counter.

"Exactly, that's why I'm sending you to go and get him," Steve said, startling the archer. Natasha nodded calmly, encouraging him. 

"You're sending me? Why me?" Clint said, throwing his hands in the air. Steve shook his head. 

"If he saw Iron Man or Captain America, he'd probably freak out. Plus, you don't want to hurt him, so that will make sure that you won't. I'm pretty sure I'd get carried away and might hurt him..." Black Widow reasoned. 

"Fine, I give up. What information do you have for me?" Clint said. Bruce looked unsure when he answered. 

"He's 5'10, he has brown hair, brown eyes, and that's about it," Bruce said with confidence. 

"What? That's it? " Clint said, wide eyed. If he had been drinking water, he would have spit it out. 

"Yea, that kid's really good at keeping his identity a secret. Nobody's seems to know who he is, but if they do, they're keeping a really good job at keeping a secret." Tony replied with a small laugh. Clint responded with a hard stare. 

"How am I supposed to find him?" Clint asked, annoyed. Everyone looked at each other, unsure. 

"Well, he is always stopping shootings and stuff like that. So, find one, steak out, and hopefully you'll find him?" Steve said, thinking out loud. Clint sighed. 

"Fine, I'll go now.  Looks like I'm going to have to catch a spider..." 

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