Chapter 1

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Laura's POV

Hey, I'm Laura Marano! I'm 19 years old and I live with my amazing family. Ellen and Damiano are my parents and Vanessa is my older sister. I have a best friend named Ross Lynch. We were in a show together, called Austin and Ally but it ended. He's in tour because he's in a band with his siblings. I don't talk to him as much anymore because he's on tour and he's busy with his girlfriend. Enough about that, let me tell you what I've been up to. After Austin and Ally, I've been recording songs for my album, modeling, doing photo shoots, magazine covers, and some appearances here and there. You can say I'm a pretty busy gal! ;)

I'm on a private jet heading to Colorado for an appearance I have and a photo shoot for a women's winter clothing line. They offered me to be the new model for one of the famous clothing line in Colorado. I've never been to Colorado. I heard it's really nice during winter time. I'm currently on the plane with my manager, Chloe.

Rydel's POV

Hi! I'm Rydel Lynch. I'm in a band with 3 of my siblings. I live with my parents, Stormie and Mark. I have 4 brothers, Riker, Rocky, Ross, and Ryland. I have the best boyfriend ever. His name is Ellington Ratliff he's also the drummer for our band. I have a best friend named Laura Marano. Well, she's like a sister to me. We used to tease Ross about liking Laura because he'd always talk about her. We stopped because he has a girlfriend named Courtney. We don't like her, but we have to support Ross's decision on who he wants to be with. She's really annoying and clingy, I prefer Laura than Courtney any day.

My family and I are in Colorado for a little vacation. We also have a show here. I'm currently in my dressing room because we have a show in a few minutes. I have my own dressing room because I'm the only girl. Guess who's in the dressing room though. Yup, it's Courtney. Savannah's also here too, she's Riker's girlfriend.

We all like Savannah, she's  really sweet and caring, she's like Laura. Even Savannah doesn't like Courtney. The only reason Courtney's in the dressing room with us because she can't be with Ross because he's in the dressing room with the other boys. I'm going to mention it again, she's really clingy.

I'm on my phone on Instagram. I get a notification on Twitter. I went on Twitter and saw what it was. Laura tweeted saying she's on her way to Colorado for her G&C photoshoot. I scrolled through her profile and she tweeted that she's excited to be the new spokesmodel for G&C fashions. G&C fashions is the most popular fashion industry in Colorado. They have the most amazing clothing.

I'm going to tell the rest about Laura coming to Colorado after the show. I'm so excited! I miss her, I haven't seen her since Ross started dating Courtney and also since Austin and Ally ended. Someone knocks on the door and Courtney let's the person in. It was my mom.

Stormie: Rydel, everyone's ready, you ready to go?

Rydel: Yeah mom lets go! (My mom smiles and we all go backstage)

I see the boys and Ryland was on the stage hyping up the crowd on his DJ. I go to Ellington and he kisses my cheek. I smile. In the corner of my eye I see Courtney and Ross making out. Oh god. They freaking make out every single second of everyday! Like can't they control them selves?! Goodness gracious! Luckily my dad stops their make out session by tapping Ross. Ryland exits the stage and comes over to us.

Mark: Guys time to go on! You ready?!

Everyone: Yeah! (We all huddle up and we put our hands together)

Everyone: READY....SET......ROCK!!! (We all run to the stage taking our places)

The concert just ended, we get off stage. It was fun. The crowd was amazing! They were all singing and dancing along.

Stormie: that was amazing! You guys rocked it!(she gave us a group hug.)

We go back to our dressing rooms to change. After, we go to our aunt's house where we're staying at. We always stay at her house when we visit Colorado.

Laura's POV

I just got off the plane and it's really cold! There's snow everywhere. It's night time right now and I'm walking to the car where the driver is going to drop Chloe and I off at the hotel.

⊰ ⊱ ⊰ ⊱

Chloe and I just arrived at the hotel. She's checking in for us and I'm on my phone texting back my mom. She sent me a text while I was on the plane. Chloe comes up to me and hands me my room card.

"Here, Laura you're going to be staying at room 312 on the third floor. We're going to be on the same floor, but I'm staying at room 315." Chloe hands me the room key. I thank her and take my bags.

We go in the elevator and Chloe presses the button for the third floor. Once we reach the third floor, I look for my room and enter it. My room was nice. I put my suitcase on the floor and get my pajamas out. I'm pretty tired. I'll unpack tomorrow. I'm going to be staying here for a week anyway, so I have time. I undress and put my pajamas on.

I sit on my comfy bed and turn on the tv. I look through the channels and I saw that they were playing Austin and Ally. It was the episode where Austin and Ally had a wedding for their life-skills class. I remember filming that episode. The cake I was carrying was so heavy. I almost dropped it for real when the directors said cut. While I was watching Austin and Ally, I got a text. I got my iPhone and checked who it was. Yup, that's right, I got an iPhone. It's actually really cool. I was missing out on a lot with my old flip phone. The text was from Rydel!

~~Text convo~~

R: hey Laur! How are you? I've missed you!!

L: hey Delly! I'm fine what about you? I've missed you too

R: I'm good. I heard that you're in Colorado.

L: I am. I'm excited to explore Colorado.

R: maybe I can show you around? I'm here with my family for our little vacation.

L: sure, that'd be cool! Meet me at ------ hotel and you can show me around tomorrow around 3

R: alright, I'll be there tomorrow around 3. I can't wait to hang out with you it's been a while.

L: I know. I'll see you tomorrow. I'm pretty tired and I'm a bit jet lagged:

R: ok good night Laur! Sweet dreams!

L: thanks, night Delly!

~~End of text convo~~

Rydel's POV

We're all at the dining room having dinner. I should tell them about Laura. They'll be happy. My family loves Laura. Laura's like another daughter to my mom and dad. My aunt and grandparents love her.

Rydel: Guys, I have some news!

Stormie: What is it sweetheart?

Rydel: Laura's in Colorado and we're going to hang out with her tomorrow! (I say with a big smile on my face. Everyone's face lights up except Courtney's)

Rocky: really?! (I nod)

Ryland: I've missed Laur-Laur

Ellington: I do too. It's been a long time

Rydel: Well, we're hanging out with her tomorrow at 3.

Aunt Rose: Bring her to the house, dear. I've missed Laura I haven't seen her since I went to LA a year ago.

Beauty: yeah, please delly, please? (Our minis nod in agreement)

Rydel: I'll try guys. She'll most likes say yes. (I smile and the kid's smile get bigger)

During our conversation about hanging out with Laura tomorrow, Courtney had rolled here eyes about a million times. I honestly could care less. She's only using my brother for fame. After dinner, we all went upstairs to sleep. I'm so excited for tomorrow. I'm going to be with my best friend!

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