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Normani's shrill voice filled their small apartment, echoing off the walls. Dinah barely looked up.

"In here, Normani," she called from her bedroom, where she was working on a paper for music history.

"Dinah, if you don't get your ass in here in twenty seconds or less I swear to god I will - " Normani transitioned into angry muttering here, but Dinah got the general idea. She bounced up from her chair and crossed the four steps from her doorway to the main kitchen/living room area.

"You'll what, Normani?" she asked, grinning at her, but Normani was having none of it.

"Did you eat my ice cream?"

Normani gestured toward the (empty) carton of vanilla ice cream that she'd laid out on the table, along with a bowl, spoon, and bottle of chocolate syrup.

"Um... yes. But I can expl - "

"Dinah! For god's sake, is it so hard to buy your own ice cream?"

"I did! I swear! But I was watching The Way We Were and I finished mine, so..."

"This isn't even vegan!" Normani snarled.

"It was The Way We Were, Normani! It was an emergency!"

The brunette girl growled out loud. "That's just great." She threw the spoon into the sink, where it clanged loudly before coming to rest. "I've had the worst day, and all I wanted was one bowl of ice cream."

"I'm sorry," Dinah said, sidling up next to her and curving her hands around her elbow. "I meant to replace it, you know."

"Yeah, yeah."

"I did. And I'll make it up to you. I'll buy you ten cartons of ice cream."

"That doesn't really help me tonight, does it?" Normani said, grumpy. She was determined to stay mad this time. She forgave Dinah way too much.

Dinah's hands slid up a little higher on Normani's arm. "I know something that could help tonight."

Normani was well aware of what she was talking about, especially when Dinah pressed her just a little bit closer into the counter, but she played innocent. "I'm not in the mood for bacon."

"Me neither," Dinah said in her ear, reaching one hand around to grope her ass. Normani moaned as she felt the fingers dig deep into her skin, letting go only to deliver a rounding smack through Normani's skinny jeans. Dinah rammed her lips into Normani's, swallowing the moan.

Their tongues tangled as they pushed closer and closer together. Their hips bucked wildly against each other and their breathing sped up, almost in unison. Dinah hurriedly pulled off Normani's shirt before bending her back over the kitchen counter, watching her breasts strain against the white lace bra as her back arched. "God," Dinah whispered as she dropped her head to Normani's chest, dragging her tongue along the tops of her breasts. "I am so horny."

Normani made a strangled noise from the back of her throat as she let her head hang backwards, giving Dinah full access. The brunette's hands wandered down Normani's sides, fingers skating up and under the straps of her bra before coming back down to grip her boobs fully. Dinah's thumbs flicked over her nipples again and again until they were hard peaks, charged to every sensation.

"Dinah," she groaned, and the shorter girl laughed at the note of frustration in her voice. "Okay, okay. Keep your panties on," Dinah joked.

"Not a chance," Normani growled. She pulled at the clasp of her bra, tearing it open, as Dinah worked the button on her jeans. She slid them down her long legs, dragging her panties with them.

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