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Pen Your Pride

Continued from the previous chapter...

Ryder looked comfortable, sprawled out on the hospital bed.

I hesitantly made my way towards him, his dark eyes assessing every move that I made. I reached the bed and stood there awkwardly, fiddling with my fingers.

I looked up to meet Ryder's black orbs and whispered,"Ryder, I'm really sorry. I know that you were angry at me and I just..."

"Thank you."

"I get it that you're mad, but I was trying to... Wait what?" I was confused. Did I hear him right?

"I said 'thank you' to you." He stated as if it was not a big deal at all.

"But why? I mean, you probably fainted because of me. I made you angry and you had to suffer. You already have enough problems to deal with and right now, I'm being the biggest one of them." I explained.

"Look, uh..." he trailed off.

"Tamara." I said my name.

"Tamara. Look, I know that you wanna help me, seeing that you work here and all. And I appreciate that you brought me here after I fainted. But, I want you to stop worrying for me and stop trying to convince me about coming here. I'm not gonna come here till the day I die." He explained in a calm voice. But his words created a chaos in my heart and mind.

How could someone be so ignorant about their life? How could someone not care about it?

"How can you be like that? I mean, people practically beg us to save their lives, Ryder. How can you be so calm about it?" I asked him in a pained voice.

"Tamara, I appreciate your help but you don't have a place to know why I'm like this." He replied. He clearly wanted to get rid of me. But I wasn't going to give up. He had saved me that night on Trev's birthday even when I didn't know him. And I simply wanted to return the favour by saving his life. He didn't understand the importance of life. I couldn't let him give up the chance of living when he had all the options to save himself.

"Look, I don't care if you don't want my help. I will do everything in my power to make you realize that how important it is for you to come here for your treatment. You will come here one day, Ryder. And that day is not too far away." I stated in a firm voice.

I left the hospital room without letting Ryder talk to myself again. I knew that if I would have stayed longer, his words and his black eyes would have definitely made me change my decision.

I had made up my mind. If he didn't want to live, he still had to carry on with his life. For me.

I knew that this was gonna be hard. Convincing him would definitely take a long time and Ryder had only a few months left. Time was slipping out of my hands and I had to do something, quickly.


The remaining day went by quickly. Currently, I was heading home.

As usual, Trev was standing in the parking lot of the hospital, waiting for me. I walked up to him and gave him a small smile.

"Hey, what's up with you? You look really beat." He stated sympathetically.

"Yeah, I'll just tell you tomorrow. I'm not really up for it, right now." I explained, sinking inside Trev's car.

"Tam, I know that it's kinda short notice but there's a party and I want you to come." Trev asked nervously, running a hand through his hair.

"No can do. I'm tired and I need a good sleep. I have to work tomorrow." I explained, yawning.

"Please Tam. Besides, Ryder's gonna be there. Maybe, we could work on our mission a little bit." He pulled on his cute puppy dog face.

"Fine. And don't look at me like that. Whenever you pull on that face, I feel like I'm scolding a cute, little puppy." I said.

"I'm not cute and definitely not little." Trev said with a huff.

"We're still not driving." I said and Trevor only noticed now that we weren't actually driving.

He got the car into gear and headed towards God knows where.

I still couldn't stop thinking about Ryder, though. The moron had the audacity to go to a party after just being released from the Hospital.

But that gives me one more good reason to taunt him, to explain why he was wrong and I was right.

Ryder Henderson, you don't know what you've gotten yourself into.


So, here it goes. I know, it's not really good and I'm not proud of it. But the Party is gonna be fun. What do you think will happen at the party?

Please vote, comment and fan.

Love ya

- S.

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