You were bored at home so you decide to go to the mall.

"Hunter babe I'm going to the mall"

you say as you put you put your shoes on and leave The apartment you two shared.

30 Minutes Later

You were walking past the shops and you see Victoria's Secret.

OoOo You say as you see this really cute Maid's Outfit.

"I'll take this one" you say as you hand the Cashier the outfit.

"I'm ganna get hunter tonight" you say smiling cheekily.

The cashier rings up your purchase.

"$20.99." You hand her the cash and walk out, Smiling a Thankyou.

Leaving the Mall Heading To your Car You couldn't Get your mind Off of what You'll Do to Hunter.

As you walk through the door you see a note on the Island.

"Hey Babe i had to go to the store to get more milk i should be back in 30."
Love you ~Hunter

Yes. You thought to yourself.

As You Head Upstairs to the show turning It on. You take Out the Outfit.

"Oh Is This Cute" You say Giggling and Walking to the Bathroom.

As You strip and Enter the Shower You let the Water run Down Your Body.

10 Minutes Later
As You dry Up, You go to Your dresser and Grab A Pair of sexy Underwear and Bra.

Your bra Was Red laced and your Panties Were Black laced.

As You Put on the Outfit You adjust It to your body. Putting Lotion On and Some lipstick.

You suddenly hear The door open and Hunter yell "Babe I'm Home."

"I'm Up here Babe" You say Sexily Moaning slightly.

as You hear Hunter Come Up the stairs And Open The door.


"Mhm right here Baby hehe" You say Playfully biting Your Lip.

As Hunter Crawls Up to You on the Bed, He growls Playfully.

"Babe Whatcha Doin In this skimpy Outfit?" he says Raising an Eyebrow.

"Mhmm hehe Nothing Just Being Naughty for You"

"Oh are You now."


Hunter Playfully shoves You On the Bed and climbs Ontop of You Kissing You,

you slighty moan And Kiss Him back.

Hunter takes No time
To remove Your Skimpy outfit and suck On Your Neck.

"Mhmm hunterrrr" You Moan Slighty tugging on his hair.

Hunter Removes Your bra and All his clothes Kissing down Your body.

You Grab The ends Of hid hair and Tug on em Slighty.

Hunter Removes Your Panties and shoves Himself In you, Giving you no time to adjust.

"Mhmm H-H-Hunter You say Moanibg Loudly"

Humter thrusts Into You slowly Getting faster and Faster.

"Mhmm Babe Ima Cum" He says In his sexy deep raspy voice.

"Mhmm Me to Baby".

As You both cum he collapses Next To you.

"You are a sexy little Maid Aren't Ya." he Says deeply.

"Mhm Yes I am" you say cuddling Him.

and You both fell asleep In eachothers arms.

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