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Hello! If your reading this, then welcome! You may know me from my first book, 'Mad Little Hope; A Mithzan (Max) Fanfic' if so, yes, there will be a sequel, but it may take some time so I will be uploading when it is out. Now, let's get started on this story. For this story, I WILL be doing the (y/n) thingy. Yay! Next, you are an orphan (BECAUSE I TOLD YOU SO, THAT'S WHY!). You live in a run-down orphanage in Seattle. You don't have a backstory, because your parents left you here when you were young. There are like 5 other kids besides you, and your best friend was recently adopted. Her new family moved her away too. After two more kids get adopted, they are transferring everyone to a new orphanage in Oregon. You don't have a lot of things, but you save all the money you can get. The person in charge of your orphanage is Mrs. Ganning, but everybody calls her Mrs. Gabbing behind her back because she never shuts up. She is nice to you, but that is only because you are quiet. You share a room with the only other girl.  You are also 12, and your birthday is coming up soon.

Author's Note

Today is my dad's birthday, so I probably won't post as much as I usually do. I can't wait to get started on this book and hope you guys like it too! BYEEEE!

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