chapter 2

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Marks pov:

I slowly opened my eyes to be greeted by the morning sun shining through my window causing me to squint. I groaned and turned away to hide my face under the warm sheets before slowly reaching for my phone on my bedside table as I turned it on, making sure the brightness was all the way down before looking at the screen.

11:35...."SHIT! shit shit im gunna be late!! SHIT!!!!' I chanted as panic destroyed my lazy and slow feeling in the morning and I fumbled to find my clothes and quickly ran to the shower before brushing my teeth.

I was ready and it was already 11:47 so I rushed out the house making sure I had everything, including my rainbow jumper as I almost ran to get the the coffee shop in time.

Some people gave me a few weird looks as I ran with soaking wet hair through the streets until the coffee shop was in view and I could see Bob, Wade and Felix who where dressed in bright colors sitting at one of the tables as I lightly jogged over to them.

"Geez finally" Wade complained as we rushed to get into Felixs car to make it in time to meet Jack and Cry before the march began "shut up wade" I retorted as felix started the car and we started driving.

~time skip brought to you by tiny box Tim~

We pulled over next to the pride that was just about to start and quickly left the car to go over to join the thousands of people who had just started marching. "where are they?" Bob asked as Felix pulled out his phone and clicked on Crys icon that was a picture of the mask he refused to take off. after a few rings we heard Cry pick up on the other end "where are you poodie?" said a muffled Cry on the other end and the sound of people almost consuming his voice "sorry we're late thanks to Mark" he said jokingly as he continued his conversation with his masked boyfriend. "where are you? we're right at the end of the march" Felix said before Cry replied "we're in the middle of the whole thing, just keep walking and we'll try to find you!" Cry raised his voice a bit so we could here him through the think sea of sound before he hung up.

Felix brushed the streak of pink he had put in his hair out of his face as we started walking further into the march, there was so much colour and people of all types there. people started laughing and singing and dancing and I honestly can't describe how amazing it was.

We finely got to the centre of the march and there was LOADS of people all dancing with flags and just being themselves. we stayed close to a missive float with loads of lgbt+ men and women dancing and chanting with glitter, confetti and colour absolutely everywhere.

"POODIE!" we heard someone call out and before I could compute who it was, Felix was spun around twice by someone who had ran up to him "Cry?!" he laughed as Cry put him down and kissed him as people cheered around them. As they parted Felix had the biggest smile on his face and you could see Cry smile because his white pokerface mask showed his lips and only his lips.

Cry was wearing a pair of black jeans and a rainbow hoodie that was zipped all the way up with the hood up so only bits of his brown hair was visible, his usually white mask had a tint of pink on the cheeks and he was holding a small colourful flag in his hands as he held Felixs hand with the other.

Music had started playing loudly and everyone cheered and clapped as people started singing along and dancing to the upbeat song.

"hi Cry! whats on your mask?" Wade raised his voice a bit so he could be heard over the laughing and music that excitedly went on around them as the festival buzzed. "hello friend. Jack actually persuaded me to put blush on my mask, he said it would look good for pride and he wasn't wrong" he said smiling as he hugged onto felix. "oh yeah where is that little shit?" Felix asked jokingly and Cry pointed somewhere and started walking in the direction of his finger. we had to push passed a few people but everyone was just so nice about everything.

Cry slowed to a steady walk and said with his finger still outstretched "there he is" as I looked up we saw a small boy with his back facing us, wearing a blue hoody with the hood up, blue jeans and a rainbow cloth and bracelet attached to his wrist while waving a colourful flag. "SUP JACK!" Felix shouted at the boy who put the flag down and took his hood down revealing a rainbow beanie as he turned around and the sight of him almost took my breath away.

He had beautiful crystal blue eyes and pastil green hair that was out form under his beanie. he had slightly rosy cheeks that had a rainbow painted on them like war paint and a rainbow shirt that you could see from under his unzipped hoodie, he smiled sweetly at me which made my stomach do a flip. Felix was right, this boy was fucking adorable.

"Hay Felix!" he greeted in a cute little Irish accent as he gave felix a brofist and walked beside him and me "hay Jack, these are my friends Bob, Wade and Mark" felix intro introduced us as Jack turned around to look at us. He smiled at Bob then Wade and finely me. but he didn't look away as fast, he just kind of looked into my hazel eyes with his blue ones for a while before blushing slightly and saying "pleasure to meet ya!" with a sweet smile that I returned. "told ya" Cry said blankly but almost shouted so he could be heard by the irishman and Jacks blush got deeper and he turned to Cry "s-shut up Cry!" he stuttered as cry laughed. Well now I'm confused.

As much as I wanted to know what it was they where talking about I brushed it off "so Jack, guessing you're from Ireland?" I asked and he turned back around to look at me and I noticed the shimmer of silver glitter in his hair "yeah! I'm originally from Ireland but I moved here a while ago" he said as our hands brushed slightly causing pink to lightly dust our faces.

Why did I blush so much around him? we've only just met!

to be continued

I'll update soon, I haven't actually published chapter one at this time because I wanted to do some of the chapters before hand so I don't know how much people will like this. But I hope you guys like this!


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