Justin's Jealous! (For Emily)

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Justin,your boyfriend invited you over to his house for a little get together with some of his friends.You got there and Fredo,Za,and Major were all there.

You hug all of them friendly and kissed Justin on the cheek.The guys went to the garage and then came back with four wheelers.

Justin didn't know but four Wheeling was your hobby.You loved to ride them.You thought it was fun and a more simple way to release stress.

Justin got on his and sped off.You thought he'd tell you to hop on but he didn't.What a jerk.

"Yo Emily,hop on!" you hear Fredo yell from across then yard.

You run to him and sit behind him and held onto his waist.He starts the engine and you start to speed off towards the street.

While you were stopping at a red light,you look over at Justin.He has his jaw clenched and he looked pissed.

You look away while rolling your eyes.You strolled away again.

Halfway towards Justin house you told Fredo to let you drive.He agreed and now he had his hands on your waist.

You look over at Justin and he looked really really pissed.To be honest you thought he looked sexy as fuck.

If he was mad about riding with Fredo than he has issues.He knew that Fredo was like a brother.

You arrive at home and hop off the four wheeler.You felt Justin grab your wrist and he dragged you inside and up to his room.

"What the hell was that!" he spat.

"what was what?" you asked.

"Your hand were all over him and he had his all over you!" he yelled.

"Stop yelling and if you would've asked me to ride with you that wouldn't have happened!" you yelled back and got up from the bed.

"That doesn't give you the right to have your hands all over him!" he yelled.

"My hands were on his waist to hold on so I wouldn't fall you dick!" you spat.

"Oh well,why didn't you tell me you knew how to four wheel!" he yelled.

"Because I thought you'd think different of me because I like to do that" you said looking down.

"Babe....I would never think differently.I think its hot" he said pinning you on the wall.

"oh yeah?" you asked.


"I think its super sexy when your mad" you say and run your fingers along his jaw making him shiver.

"I'm sorry for yelling at you" he said.

"its OK" you say and he kisses you.

He began to heat up the kiss and you pushed him onto the bed.You straddle him and he smirks.

"What's with all the smirking?" you ask with a smile.

"maybe you can ride me like the four wheeler" he says and winks.

"oh,you naughty boy" you say and kiss his neck.He moans as you grind on him.

You remove his shirt and kiss down his abs.He shivers and you smirk against his skin.

He flips you over and he kisses your neck and removes your shirt.

"no bra?,that's hot" he said and kissed you.

"I love you" you say against his lips.

"I love you,too" he said and kissed you again as he removed your pants.


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