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Start From Where You Left Off!

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          The sun shines more brightly when you have children around....It looks vivid.... The rays more vibrant. The fun seems never ending. You'll see the bright side of life when you hang out with kids!!!

          As a year two teacher, I thought I'd teach my little students about things in life but I was wrong. I learned from them instead.  Every day with them was like precious time spent receiving words of wisdom, learning them on a practical sense and appreciating simple realities of life. 

           Guess what the lesson is from this story and help yourself look at the bright side of life.

         Mollie and Dominique were in my year two class, getting ready for the writing center. I was handing out all their writing notebooks with a sweet smile :)

          Mollie: Oh no! I don't know where to start?  Where do I start?

         Dominique:  Oh poor, Mollie.  You don't know where to start...  It's just very simple.

          You start from where you left off yesterday.

        True indeed . With life, you've got to start right from where you stopped.  Pick up the shattered pieces of your broken self and take the first step from there. Learn to move on!

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