Ch 12: Points to the Dodgy Man.

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Gizmo POV:

I brought the cloth around the surface of the statue once more, brow twitching in indignation, "if staring has been deemed by society as rude, then pray tell Mr. Blythe why have you been committing such an atrocity in my direction for the past ten minuets?"

"I was waiting for you to finish with your..." He looked at the odd and slightly disturbing slab of stone, "...merchandise."

I hummed, "loitering is not tolerated in my shop. Buy something or get out."

He slammed a small pouch of money on the counter.

Rather rudely might I add.

"I want to buy your time."

My time? How foolish can one person get? "Time, Mr. Blythe, is not something one can simply buy. And despite the gossip, I am not cheap."

He sighed deeply, "Gizmo dear you know what I mean."

"And yet the answer is still dreadfully no. Out with you."

"Did you know of a Ginger Gladstone."

"I thought your mystery girl was named Ginnie. Disloyalty is such an ugly trait mr Blythe."

Shaking his head at me he sank into a rather expensive chair i was trying to sell. Its legs were made from the paws of a great bear. "I do apologize Gizmo for having called you heartless."

I rose a single brow, "okay. You may leave now."

" do not understand the importance of my knowing about these twins."

I shot him a blank look, "they are both dead."

His form went ridged, "I am having a difficult time believing that."

I peered at him through my lashes, "why because a three line letter told you she was alive?"

He froze, "wh-"

"You, are not the only one with sticky fingers it would seem."

"You stole from me?"

"No. You misplaced yet another important document, it must be trying, chasing a dead woman."

He seemed so utterly frustrated, "how do I get you to open up about this to me."

"you dont. There is nothing to open up about."

He sighed, "did you know the Gladstone twins."

"No matter how much we think we know people Mr. Blythe, we never truly do. Beware of Hawk Eyed Lizzy she is not what she seems."

His brows furrowed, "what? That old woman? She was lovey Gizmo you are talking nonsense."

I shrugged, "I'm sure all lovely women kill their husbands and torture children Mr. Blythe. Tis why I am not considered lovely."

He blinked.

I picked up the coins he had left on the counter. "Time you cannot buy. But foolish men pay for pretty words almost all the time. Tis why they are a married by a priest. Makes them think the horrid ninny in front of them is a good idea."

"Pretty words are not what just flew from your lips Gizmo. You know more."

"Or less. Perhaps I had a slight crash of opium in my veins. Or too much gin. Perhaps I'm mad from all the preserving liquids i use on the dead animals I sell."

He closed his eyes for the briefest of moments before that charm washed over him again, "you are always a delight Gizmo."

I watched him walk from the shop with boredom, "next time you visit I do hope its because you have lost a limb. I think I would like you better without your right leg and a pouch of coin in your bloody hand."

His only response was a slight curl of the lip, "just for that I'll be sure to loose my left."

Oh. Clever. Points to the dodgy man.

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