The Secret Ninjas Who Thought Unicorns and Glitter Don't Mix

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So basically here's a book...... enjoy

Nikki walked down the long hallway that lead to her locker. Mike Williams was walking along side her holding her books. "if they're too heavy" Nikki said "I can carry them" Mike looked at her "If they're too heavy for me they'd be way to heavy for you" he said.

They walked down the hallway, it was purple on the walls and had puzzle peice shaped tiles of the floor. The lockers were a cream color and had some black designs on them that were their schools symbol. The school looked like it was for 6 year olds but the students got to pick how the halls were decorated. The sudents also got $50 dollars to spend on decorations for the inside of their lockers. Nikki got the inside of her locker filled with pink fur wallpaper and she got little glass balls that hung from the top of her locker. Mike put a candy machine in his and made the whole thing neon green.

They neared her locker when they heard a muffled voice. They both stopped and looked at each other. The noise came again , but louder. "mhhhghmph" Nikki turned around and heard banging. She saw a locker being wiggled around in and she opened it. Nobody had the locker so there wasn't a lock on it.

A small boy about 5 years younger than herself, who was 17, spilled out of the locker. "Thank you so much" he exclaimed loudly. "I'm Jake" he said and held out a hand. When nobody shook it he smoothed back his hair "so, thanks. Sorry I'm new here and --"  Nikki cut him off "You go to school here?" she asked, surprised. "Yeah, I skipped a couple grades because my parents are total geniuses" Mike looked at Nikki and looked back at Jake "do you want to come to class with us" he said "I mean, only if you want to" Jake looked at him and said "sure"

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