Chapter 17: Rivals...and a Gesture

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It was back to normal at the Green B.U.S academy...well mostly. The shock of the incident involving Saku and his explosive power had relaxed a little but the tone of fear was still imprinted among all the students. This made things very awkward for Saku who could feel all their fearful eyes fixed on him as he sat in class or wandered round the academy. Saku, with the support of his friends, has returned to the academy although still with much worry in his body and mind. Saku is slowly coming to terms with his new power but fear still lingers.

Saku's friends sense his worry and the fearful eyes all transfixed on him. They were doing their best to support him and help distract him but they too know Saku hadn't completely recovered from the incident yet. So it was a rather...awkward time...even more so with a new addition to the academy.

It was the afternoon with Saku training against Sophie in close-combat training, who was doing her best to encourage him "That's it Saku, block just like that" Sophie no longer had to hold back as Saku was now keeping up at an even pace "Now try striking Saku" Saku swung a kick which Sophie caught "nice try" she then swung and threw him away but Saku bounced off the floor with his hands flipping through the air and landing on his feet "nice one Saku. We'll call it a day"

Only Anastasia was present at the time as she walked over to Saku "nice job Saku. You've definitely improved now"

"Yeah you have" said Sophie encouragingly "I don't have to hold back anymore. You're now my sparring partner"

"Yeah well..." said Saku "my body feels much lighter know" they heard his slightly depressed tone "I mean we were training for a while but...I don't feel out of breath"

"You must have conditioned your body rather well" said Anastasia "so...have you practised any aura attacks?"

Saku looked at her and shook his head. Anastasia than looked serious "then we need that sorting out. Look I know you're still unsure about your new aura powers but you need to learn how to control it" Saku nodded while Sophie noticed Mia and Aureline come into the training hall

"I'll leave you two alone" Sophie walked over to Mia and Aureline as Anastasia instructed Saku

"So first Saku I want you to produce a simple energy sphere, go on do it" Anastasia had a new tone of assertiveness in her voice that made Saku want to try. Saku produced a small sphere of energy, white at the centre and turning red towards the edges.

Sophie joined Mia and Aureline as they watched as Saku fired the beam into the wall. Anastasia crossed her arms "You see, that wasn't so bad. Now produce a bigger one and do it again" Mia noted Anastasia's new tone

"she certainly has taken a more assertive attitude" said Mia as Saku fired another beam he was now producing his normal aura attack "she's showing him his power is not to be feared"

"If anything" said Aureline "Anastasia understands, more than us, the fears that one's power can bring"

"Yeah that's right" said Sophie "Anastasia up until her match with Kieran was terrified of her powers. Maybe she feels like she's repaying the favour back to him" Saku had produced a swirling and pulsing ball of energy which he held between his hands. Anastasia had produced a thick green vine some distance away from him

"Now aim for the vine Saku" Saku thrust the sphere forward producing a beam of red and white. The beam hit the vine square on and slowly carved through it, hitting the wall ahead of it.

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