In a rush

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" so where are you going exactly again Marinette?" Tikki said while looking at me rushing around my room trying to find my purse , " Going to Adrien to teach me fencing " I said while scavenging in my draws , I grumbled in anger . " Why did he invite you? " Tikki exclaimed , " He wants to teach me self defence " I then looked under my bed , couldn't see anything but pitch black , I then stuck my hand in the shadows patting down the wood to feel anything that resembles my purse. "aha! Got it! " I then pulled my hand out of my bed with my purse in my hand , " okay Tikki time to go , I said while opening my purse . " I don't want to ruin your private lesson , I'll stay here and keep your room nice and safe " I then have her a look of sadness and gave a long sigh , " you realised I was trying to find my purse for you! , eh now I'm late " I quickly then shut my purse and was about to head down stairs . " Sorry! Have a good time " Tikki said at the last moment , I smiled and rushed down stairs and went off to Adrien house.
I huffed and puff while running through the park , I stopped for a second to catch , then heard a voice,
" hello princess "

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