How Angels Killed Me

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Trailing the constant gray sky were thin silver lines of clouds that neither bring rain nor shade. I stared up the vast dome above me and reached up my hands, in vain attempt to once more touch the domain where I used to belong. The dry grass that tickled my back never failed to remind me of the position that I was now. The fall that I had experienced happened so fast that I didn’t have any moment to contemplate how and why I was here.

Eyes that glared like maddened beasts…

Hollow faces that represented treachery…

Subversive wings that were shackled…

And in a blur, I landed flat on my back from the abode in the skies I once harbored.

Fear, anger, pain, sadness, loneliness…everything mixed and didn’t make any sense. Was this all just a dream? Was this all a madness that I have inflicted upon myself?

I am innocent. Truly, I say to you…

But the Angels judged me…and killed me, deeming that I am worthy of such punishment in response to the crime that they had imposed on me.

When I am all but innocent.

Standing up, I felt my knees buckling due to the great fall that I had experienced. My body was just starting to adjust on the new environment. Upon dead leaves I stood; dark brittle grass that shook with the winds that howled in evanescent cries of vain and chill. A sense of dread and hopelessness washed over me as I stared on the giant walls that engulfed my entirety. A bile taste formed in my mouth and doom wrote itself on my vision like a brand---forever making its mark on my soul and existence.

A low moan emerged as the great iron doors, which stood several feet high, opened, its rusting hinges giving the impression of its age. A cold yet damp wind screamed at me as I welcomed the entity with my body. Inside stood in its dark grandeur the famed city of the fallen ones---Chimeara.

My new home.

As I was killed by Angels.

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